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Surname Cercy - Meaning and Origin

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Cercy: What does the surname Cercy mean?

The surname Cercy is quite rare and its origins are unclear. Surnames could originate from various sources such as occupational, geographical, patronymic, or descriptive.

If it is of French origin, it might stem from the word "cerce", which translates to "circle". The name might have been used for someone living near a circular landmark or perhaps, metaphorically alleged to someone with a "rounded" personality or lifestyle.

However, without a definitive origin, the exact interpretation can vary. It is also possible that it has been altered or anglicized over generations, making the original meaning a bit harder to decipher. As such, the exact meaning of "Cercy" can only be accurately determined by tracing the individual lineage and history of those bearing it.

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Cercy: Where does the name Cercy come from?

The Cercy surname is primarily found in Europe, and is most common in France. It is the 24th most common surname in France, with more than 100,000 people carrying the Cercy name. It is thought that the name likely originated from the French word cerce, which means ‘a corner’ or a small plot of land.

The surname is also found in other countries in Europe, particularly in Spain, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It is most commonly found in Belgium, where it is the 439th most common surname. In Italy, Cercy is the 4,478th most common surname, and is found mainly in the province of Naples. In Spain, it is the 15,234th most common surname, though it may be more widespread in northern Spain.

The Cercy surname can also be found in the United States. It is a relatively rare surname in America, though it is more common in the Midwest and South. In the US, Cercy is the 18,206th most common surname, and is particularly found in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas.

Overall, the Cercy surname is more common in Europe than in the United States, though the name can be found on both sides of the Atlantic. The surname of Cercy is thought to have originated in France, and is now widespread throughout Europe, as well as other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Cercy

The surname Cercy is a French, aristocratic family name originating from the modern-day region of Normandy. Historically, the surname is believed to have been a subject of the Frankish monarchy and was used by families as sign of nobility and honour, with the name being used by numerous royal families across Europe.

Today, the name Cercy has numerous variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some of the common variants include Cerci, Cersi, Serci, Circi, and Circy. Other surnames of the same origin include Circie, Cirsie, Cercis, Sercie, Cersie, Cercie, Sercis, Sercie and Cersia.

The Cercy name is quite unique and rare. They have a distinct family crest, which has a black oak tree and crown on a field of red and gold.

In the United States, the spelling of the Cercy name is most often pronounced as “ser-see”. Residents in Canada also tend to adopt the same pronunciations, but in Britain and other regions of British influence, the pronunciation tends to range from “ser-see,” “sir-cee,” and “sir-ksee.”

There are also many alternative spellings of Cercy, including Cercy, Circy, Cirsi, Serci, and Sercy. Regardless of the spelling and variations, this family name remains aristocratic and noble throughout the world.

Famous people with the name Cercy

  • Roy Cercy: professional soccer player who played for New England Revolution, Toronto FC, and FC Dallas.
  • Michelle Cercy: Olympic swimmer who represented the United States in the 2000 Summer Olympics.
  • Al Cercy: Major League baseball player who played for the San Francisco Giants in the 1950s.
  • Chet Cercy: award-winning television producer who worked on shows such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “Modern Family.”
  • Don Cercy: actor who has appeared in shows such as “Friends” and “Scrubs.”
  • Mike Cercy: professional hockey player who played in the American Hockey League (AHL).
  • Roger Cercy: professional golfer who competed on the European PGA Tour.
  • Ruben Cercy: NASCAR driver who competed in the Camping World Truck Series.
  • Xavier Cercy: former NBA player who played for the Sacramento Kings and Miami Heat.
  • Yannick Cercy: Olympic figure skater who represented France and competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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