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Surname Chace - Meaning and Origin

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Chace: What does the surname Chace mean?

The surname Chace primarily originates from England and France. It is derived from Old French “chace” which means 'hunt' or 'hunt on horseback'. It was often bestowed upon a huntsman as an occupational surname. In some cases, it could also be topographic for someone who lived in or near a hunting ground. Notably, this surname has several spelling variations including Chase, Chace, Chasen, and Chassin among others. Despite these variations, the surname's meaning primarily revolves around associations with hunting or a hunter. The variations and spread of the surname can be attributed to factors such as migration, anglicization, and regional dialects. Today, individuals bearing the surname Chace can be found in many countries around the world, as descendants of the original bearers of the surname.

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Chace: Where does the name Chace come from?

The surname Chace is of English origin. It is derived from the Old French word "chace", which means "hunt". This suggests that the original bearers of the name might have been hunters by profession. The name Chace could also be a topographic name for someone who lived near a hunting ground, or an occupational name for a hunter.

Today, the surname Chace is most common in the United States. It is also present in England, though to a lesser extent. The name is spread fairly evenly throughout the United States, but it is seen with greater frequency in the northeastern states. The Chace surname is found in higher numbers in Nottinghamshire and the city of Sheffield in England. However, compared to other surnames, Chace is relatively uncommon both in England and the United States.

Variations of the surname Chace

The surname Chace is of English origin and is a variant of Chase, which is derived from Old French "chacier" or "chaseur," meaning "hunter." Therefore, it is an occupational name for a hunter or birdcatcher.

Alternate spellings and variants of Chace may include, but are not limited to: Chase, Chasse, Chassey, Chacey, and Chaice. Such variations may have resulted from a difference in regional dialects, phonetic spellings or translations over time and geography.

Surnames derived from the same root often change spellings due to immigration and translation from their country of origin. Thus, we may see variations of Chace in different countries and in different languages.

In terms of surnames with the same origin, Chase appears to be the most commonly used version. However, bear in mind that even if two surnames look or sound alike, it doesn't automatically indicate the same origin. Extensive genealogical research is often necessary to fully trace the origin and evolution of a surname.

Famous people with the name Chace

  • Christopher Chace Crawford: Better known as Chace Crawford, he is an American actor who gained fame for his role as Nate Archibald on the CW series, "Gossip Girl". He also featured in movies such as "The Covenant" and "What to Expect When You're Expecting."
  • Kevin Chase: He is well recognized in the Texas music scene. His popular singles include the tracks "I'm Over It" and "She's on my Mind".
  • Elliot Stockton White Chace: He was an American businessman, politician, and philanthropist. Chace was involved in the textile industry in Massachusetts and was the proprietor of several cotton mills. He also served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing Massachusetts.
  • Malcolm Greene Chace: An American financier and textile industrialist, he was regarded as the father of ice hockey in the United States.
  • F. Nelson Chase: Former surgeon general of the United States Air Force.
  • Stephanie Chace Bass: She is a philanthropist and former chair of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation.
  • Elizabeth Buffum Chase: An American abolitionist and women's rights advocate.

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