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Surname Chaddoch - Meaning and Origin

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Chaddoch: What does the surname Chaddoch mean?

The last name Chaddoch is of Scottish origin and is derived from the unit of land known as a chattel in southern Scotland. Chattels were small pieces of land usually assigned to a tenant farmer in exchange for labour. The name Chaddoch is thought to have been derived from a patronymic creation of the name “Chad” which was popular amongst the indigenous Celtic people.

The surname is most commonly found in the Scottish Highlands region which borders Scotland and England. It is thought that the Chaddoch family first settled in Inverness Scotland, along with other families from the area. The Chaddoch name is often associated with loyalty and honour and members of the Chaddoch family have served in the British Army for centuries, including in the First and Second World Wars.

The Chaddochs have a strong sense of identity and they are known to be a proud and close-knit family, all sharing a similar surname. Members of this family often refer to themselves as 'The Chaddochs' and they are forthcoming and generous with their time and resources. The Chaddoch surname is a reminder of the family's long heritage and shared tradition which is important to them and their descendants.

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Chaddoch: Where does the name Chaddoch come from?

The last name Chaddoch is most commonly found in Scotland today. It was first recorded in Edinburgh during the 11th century with the first recorded spelling being Adam de Chaddoch in 1178. From this point until the early 21st century, it has remained a fairly popular and common surname across Scotland.

The Chaddoch name can be located in some of the larger Scottish cities and towns, such as Glasgow and Edinburgh. However, the surname has been most closely associated with the North East of Scotland, particularly Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire where it is extremely common today. In fact, a study in 2000 found that nearly 4% of the population Avoch and its surrounding villages were named Chaddoch.

The Chaddoch surname has also spread to countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada as people with the surname have immigrated to these countries over the years. In the US, the last name is most common in Oregon, New York, and Texas.

The name Chaddoch is also associated with some prominent Scottish families, such as the Earls of Cooper who trace their lineage back to the Chaddoch family.

Overall, the last name Chaddoch remains relatively common in Scotland today. Although not as widespread as it once was, the surname is strongly associated with Scotland and remains prevalent in various regions across the country.

Variations of the surname Chaddoch

The surname Chaddoch is derived from the Old English personal name, Cadoc. Variants of this surname include Chadock, Chadwick, Chadogue, Chaddock, Chatock and Chaddick. Additionally, spelling variants of Chaddoch include Chadoch, Chaddoch, Chadog, Chadox, Chadouh and Chaddag.

Chadock and Chadwick are the most common variants of the surname, with Chadwick being an especially popular variant in England. Chadwick is derived from the Old English personal name Ceadda, and is thought to have been adopted as a nickname by individuals who were followers of saint Chad (6th century Bishop of Lichfield and later Bishop of York).

Chaddick is another variant derived from a different personal name, ‘Cadda’, from the Old English word meaning ‘brave, bold’. Chaddock is most likely a patronymic (a surname derived from the father’s name) form, as is Chaddag, another spelling form. Chatock, an alternate spelling of Chadock, is also likely a devolved form of the surname.

Finally, Chadogue and Chadox are uncommon variants of the surname, most likely devolved spellings. In the US, forms such as these are found in some southern states.

Famous people with the name Chaddoch

  • Mark Chaddock: Mark Chaddock is best known as a TV presenter and for hosting Big Brother Reality TV show in the UK.
  • Colin Chaddock: Colin Chaddock is a British doctor and the former CEO of the National Health Service in Wales. 3.Jack Chaddock: Jack Chaddock is a professional singer and songwriter based in London.
  • Lou Chaddock: Lou Chaddock is a British actress known for her role in the sitcom Green Wing and films such as Bridget Jones’s Baby.
  • Clement Chaddock: Clement Chaddock is an English physicist and particle physicist from Sussex.
  • Gavin Chaddock: Gavin Chaddock is an English actor best known for his roles in London stage productions such as Barry Humphries’ Weiblichkörper in August and The School for Scandal.
  • Kirk Chaddock: Kirk Chaddock is a professional American football player who played for the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans.
  • Steven Chaddock: Steven Chaddock is an English actor known for roles in BBC shows such as Extras and Last Tango in Halifax.
  • Jeremy Chaddock: Jeremy Chaddock is a professional swimmer and world champion in the butterfly stroke.
  • John Chaddock: John Chaddock is a professional chef and restaurateur who has cooked for some of the world’s top chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay.

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