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Surname Charles - Meaning and Origin

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K. Charles

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Charles: What does the surname Charles mean?

The surname Charles is of Old German origin and means "free man". It is derived from the Germanic name Karl or Carl, which means a man who is not a slave or serf and is of his own free will. It is also linked to the medieval English given name Charles, made popular by Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne. Over the centuries, the surname Charles has been used worldwide and has variations in different languages, such as Carlos in Spanish or Carlo in Italian. It is a patronymic surname, meaning it was originally derived from the father's given name. The surname Charles therefore represents a legacy of strength, leadership, and independence.

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Charles: Where does the name Charles come from?

The surname Charles has multiple origins. It could be derived from the Old English word 'ceorl', which means 'man', or it could have originated from the personal name Charles, which is derived from the Old English 'ceorl'. This name was popularized in Europe due to its association with the Frankish King Charlemagne (Charles the Great).

The surname Charles is quite common in England, particularly in the southern and southwestern regions. However, this surname has spread globally due to British colonization and migration. Today, it is common in many English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. In the United States, the surname Charles is more prevalent in Louisiana due to early French colonial influence. The name is also common in French-speaking countries and regions, including France and parts of Canada.

In addition, the surname Charles can be found in regions of the Caribbean, particularly Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia, due to historical influences including European colonization and the Atlantic slave trade, where African slaves were often given the surnames of their masters.

Variations of the surname Charles

The surname Charles hails from the given name Charles, originating from the Germanic name Karl or Carolus.

Variants of Charles can include Charle, Charrles, and Chares amongst others. In other languages or cultures, it may take forms such as Carlo in Italian, Carlos in Spanish, or Karl in German.

As for surnames derived from Charles, there are many, including:

- Charleson or Charlessons (meaning son of Charles), a Scottish and Northern Irish origin surname.

- Charleston or Charlestone, originating from geographical locations named after a person named Charles.

- Charlesworth, a surname of English origin denoting a location.

- Charlson, another form of Charleson.

- Carlyle, Carlisle, or Carlysle (meaning Carl's island), which are of English and Scottish origin.

- Charlot, a French surname that is a diminutive form of Charles.

- Charlotte, largely used as a female first name, but also appearing as a surname.

The surname Charles itself has a variety of spelling variations in historical records, including Charle, Charls, Charless and others due to errors and different spelling conventions.

Famous people with the name Charles

  • Ray Charles: An iconic American singer, songwriter, and composer known for his soulful and evocative music.
  • Craig Charles: A British actor, comedian, author, poet, television presenter and DJ popularly known for playing Dave Lister in Red Dwarf.
  • Ezzard Charles: A famous professional American boxer and World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Jamaal Charles: A former American football running back who played in the NFL.
  • Robert Charles: A New Zealand cricketer who played for Wellington internationally.
  • Garry Charles: A published fiction author.
  • Jacqueline Charles: An Emmy Award-winning Caribbean correspondent.
  • Michael Ray Charles: An African American painter known for his thought-provoking works.
  • Andy Charles: A Canadian professional ice hockey player.
  • Josh Charles: An American actor, known for his role in the series "The Good Wife."
  • Tina Charles: An English singer who gained fame in the 70s through her hits in the disco genre.
  • Jeff Charles: A famous radio broadcaster, also known as the "Voice of the Pirates."
  • Albert Charles Paul Marie Roussel: A French composer.
  • Sue Charles: A Welsh meteorologist and broadcaster.
  • Ronnie Charles: An Australian singer, was the lead vocalist of Australian rock band The Groop.

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