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Surname Cheason - Meaning and Origin

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Cheason: What does the surname Cheason mean?

The last name Cheason is believed to be of French origin and is thought to be derived from the French name Chevalier, meaning “knight.” Historically, knights were soldiers of high rank in the military, and the name may refer to a past ancestor who had achieved this distinction. Cheason is a relatively uncommon surname and is found mainly in the United States and France.

The name Cheason is believed to refer to a person with a knightly heritage, suggesting they may have been a person of wealth and noble status in their society. It can also be found within the context of non-military titles of nobility, such as baron, marquis, or count. It is possible that the original bearer of the name was seen as a bearer of traditional honour and chivalry.

The surname Cheason itself may, in some cases, be traced back to a specific lineage. For example, in France it may be associated with the Chevalier family, who originated in Longecourt, France. During the Middle Ages, this family was part of the original nobility of the region, but over time, the Chevalier family left Longecourt due to religious persecution of the Huguenots.

Regardless of its origin, the last name Cheason is associated with the richness of history and heritage. It is a reminder of individuals who have accomplished, achieved, and held positions of honour in their society. For today’s descendants of the Cheason family, this name remains a source of both pride and identity.

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Cheason: Where does the name Cheason come from?

Cheason is a rarely found surname today. It originated in England and Scotland, and can be found in a few records held in both countries.

Cheason appears to be most common in the United States and Canada today. It is most commonly found in records in the southern United States, particularly in the states of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. This suggests that some of the original Cheason families moved to the southern states during the early days of the American colonies.

In the United States today, there are only a few thousand people bearing the Cheason surname, and it remains a rare name. Interestingly, however, if you search for Cheason online, you will find several sites dedicated to the name, which suggest a few Cheason families are still keeping the name alive through clans and online groups. There are also a fair number of Cheason family lineage websites.

It is likely that the name will remain rare, as it has been during previous centuries. Despite this, the name Cheason still carries a certain significance in some circles. Those who carry the Cheason name should be proud to know that they are part of a long-standing family tradition.

Variations of the surname Cheason

The surname Cheason can have several variants, spellings, and derivations, depending on the region and time period in which it is referenced.

The earliest versions of the surname Cheason appear to be derived from the Old French phrase ‘cechauson’, meaning ‘shoes of leather’. This indicates that the surname may have denoted an occupation or profession in leatherworking. By the 14th century, many variations of the surname existed, including Chysoune, Chaisoune, Cheesoune, Chaisoun, Chiyeson, and Cheuson.

In Scotland, the variants of Cheason include Chisholm, Chisholme, Cheesman, Chessman, and Chesman. In the US, the variations of Cheason include Cheson, Cheasson, and Cheesman. These versions of the surname are predominantly encountered in the southern US, particularly in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. The Irish variants include Cheasman, Chismon, and Chisam.

Ultimately, the dozens of variants of Cheason owe to the myriad of dialects and languages surrounding the surname’s origin. In general, all variants, spellings, and surnames related to Cheason continue to refer to a trade, profession, or job involving leather.

Famous people with the name Cheason

  • Connor Cheason: Professional soccer player who plays for the Nashville SC in Major League Soccer.
  • D.J. Cheason: Former American football player who played in the NFL for the Detroit Lions from 1992 to 1996.
  • Byron Cheason: Artist, music producer, and engineer who has released a series of records and albums.
  • Jessie Cheason: Professional golfer who competes in the LPGA Tour.
  • Mack Cheason: Professional mixed martial arts fighter who has competed in the UFC and Bellator.
  • Kyle Cheason: Comic book artist who has illustrated books for Marvel, DC, and Image Comics.
  • Lance Cheason: Stand-up comedian known for his appearances on the Comedy Central television series "Comic Groove."
  • Mark Cheason: Actor and video game developer who starred in the television series "Gutterfly's Labyrinth" and had a major role in "The Warriors" movie.
  • Shanti Cheason: Comic book colorist who has worked on titles such as "X-Men Legacy," "Ultimate Spider-Man," and "Iron Man 2.0."
  • Ray Cheason: Former professional wrestler and promoter who competed in the World Wrestling Federation and the National Wrestling Alliance in the 1970s and 1980s.

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