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Unraveling Surprises in My Asian Heritage: An Unexpected Journey through my Chung Surname via iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Chung

I've always been passionate about uncovering my family history, diligently piecing together the puzzle through stories and traditions. I took an iGENEA DNA test, expecting my Korean surname, Chung, to correlate with purely Korean roots. However, what I discovered was an unexpected medley of heritage encompassing not only Korea but also China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and even Mongolia. The results completely upended my understanding of my lineage and opened a world of exciting histories waiting to be unraveled.

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by my family's history. The stories, anecdotes, and traditions passed down from one generation to the next have served as threads of continuity, weaving together a rich tapestry of shared experience and common ancestry. As a person with the surname Chung, I always believed my roots were firmly entrenched in Korea. However, my recent iGENEA DNA test completely upended my understanding.

The iGENEA DNA test results were not just data - they were revelations, clues into my past and fresh understanding of my heritage. The most surprising finding was that despite carrying the Chung surname, my DNA was not strictly Korean. Instead, it presented a mosaic of Asian ethnicities. I was thrilled at the diversity of heritage my DNA exhibited, covering China, Japan, and even South-East Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand.

Chung is a common Korean surname, yet it isn't exclusive to Korea. My DNA test showed an unexpected connection to China, indicating a percentage of Han Chinese in my genes. Given the historical context of East Asian relations, this was a sensible though surprising finding.

Even more astonishing was the influx of Japanese ancestry. My family always believed we were singularly Korean, making these results an eye-opening discovery. Despite Japan's historical invasions of Korea, I never imagined Japanese ancestry would intertwine with my family's Korean roots.

Another unexpected finding was the presence of Southeast Asian DNA, predominantly from Vietnam and Thailand. This suggested a fascinating layer of complexity to my lineage and sparked curiosity about my ancestors' movement and interactions across geographical boundaries.

This family history exploration also unearthed connections to Mongolia, presenting the tantalizing possibility that my ancestors might have been part of the great Mongol Empire.

Unquestionably, the greatest surprise from my iGENEA DNA test was the revelation that my genealogical journey encircles not only Korea but is intricately tied to the broader tapestry of East Asia - an unexpected turn in the journey of a seemingly simple surname. Now, Chung doesn't equate to only Korean for me; it signifies a rich, diverse, shared history across the continent. I am excited and inspired to continue my exploration of the unanticipated paths my heritage presents to me.

C. Chung

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