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Surname Cisco - Meaning and Origin

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Cisco: What does the surname Cisco mean?

The surname Cisco is of Spanish origin and stems from the personal name Francisco, which means 'free man'. Historically, it was used as a nickname, often for someone who bore some resemblance to a person named Francisco, either in looks or personality. Over time, it evolved into a surname and spread to various parts of the world. Surnames were often given based on a landmark near the individual’s residence, an individual’s occupation, or a trait of the individual or their ancestors. The Cisco surname is more commonly found in the United States, predominantly among White and Hispanic populations. It's worth noting that the tech company named Cisco Systems got its name from San Francisco, suggesting an additional geographic connotation. Finally, like most surnames, specific meanings can vary greatly within different cultures and geographic regions.

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Cisco: Where does the name Cisco come from?

The last name Cisco is most commonly found in Spain and Portugal, especially in Galicia, Castile-La Mancha, and Madrid. Populations with the last name Cisco are also found in the United States, Mexico and South America.

In the US, Cisco is mainly found in the southwestern states of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico as well as California. The majority of US Cisco family members have ancestors who emigrated from the areas just mentioned in the early twentieth century. The majority of people of Hispanic descent in the US with the last name Cisco are likely descended from immigrants from Mexico, Central American countries, and South America. Cisco family members may also be of African descent.

Cisco is an old last name and is derived from the Spanish word “cisco”, meaning ”fang” or “pointed tip”. It is possible that the surname Cisco is connected to a European family of Spanish nobility, since in Spain, Cisco or Ciscon is a short-form of the aristocratic surname Giscón. Alternatively, the Cisco surname may have a Moorish origin, as “ceiso” is an Arabic word used to describe a topographical feature with a pointed shape.

Overall, the surname Cisco is found more commonly in Spanish-speaking countries than in others, although it does carry some presence in the United States and throughout South America.

Variations of the surname Cisco

The Cisco surname has a variety of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some of the most common variants of this name include Cesco, Sisso, Cissotto, Siscot, and Sisco. Cesco is a variation of Cisco that has some Italian roots, and it was most popular in Spain, France, and Italy. Sisso is a derivative of Cesco that is mainly found in Spain and Italy. Cissotto is another variation of Cisco, mainly seen in Spain and Italy, though it is also present in small numbers in the United States. Siscot is a French spelling of Sisso, and Sisco is an Americanized spelling of Cisco.

Other spellings of this surname include Caceo, Caciaco, Carazo, Cice, Cisse, Cizarro, Cizzo, Cizzoz, Cosicca, Cosique, Cosse, Cso, Cyco, Kiko, Kissco, Quisco, Sacco, and Siscu. Additionally, there are a few hyphenated and compound surnames related to Cisco, such as Cisco-Cesco, Cisconetto, and Sissoco.

The origin of the Cisco surname predates written records, but it is believed to have derived from the Latin word “cis,” meaning “to cut” or “divide.” It is primarily found in southern Europe and was used to denote someone who worked with stone or metal. Some of the early versions of the name also included the prefix “San,” which means “holy.” Today, you can find the Cisco surname in both Europe and the United States.

Famous people with the name Cisco

  • Natalie Cisco: American singer, songwriter, and punk rock musician.
  • Tommy Cisco: American race car driver from Oklahoma.
  • Christine Cisco: American professional race car driver.
  • Charles Cisco: American cinematographer and camera operator.
  • Callista Cisco: American professional wrestler, actress, and fitness model.
  • Chris Cisco: American elite ultra-distance runner and adventure racer.
  • George Cisco: American cotton trader and philanthropist.
  • Shea Cisco: American professional skateboarder and artist.
  • Dave Cisco: American rock and roll artist and singer-songwriter.
  • Joey Cisco: American artist, blues musician, and painter.

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