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Surname Claaßen - Meaning and Origin

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Claaßen: What does the surname Claaßen mean?

The last name Claaßen is a German surname. It is derived from the German word "Klaas" which is a short form of the given name Nicholaas, which derives from the Greek Nikolaos meaning "victory of the people." The final syllable “en” is a diminutive, and indicates a sense of endearment or family ties.

The Claaßen surname is found mainly among people of German and Dutch descent, and is commonly found in Northern Germany and the Netherlands. It is also found in some other parts of Europe such as France and Switzerland.

Today, the Claaßen family has descendants all over the world. In the United States, for example, this is a common German name among people of German heritage. Claaßen is also a fairly common name in Canada, especially in areas with a large concentration of Dutch-speaking people.

The Claaßen family crest is typically composed of a shield with three fish horizontally set against a blue background. This symbolises the family’s connection with water and the sea, representing their reliance on fishing and fishing-related business activities.

People with the Claaßen surname are known for being hard-working, intelligent, and independent, traits that have been passed down through the generations. It is likely that the Claaßen family members gained these traits through generations of hard work and determination in trying times. In conclusion, the Claaßen surname is a well-known surname with centuries of history behind it, and one that has given many people a sense of identity, belonging, and pride.

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Claaßen: Where does the name Claaßen come from?

The surname Claaßen is most commonly found in Northern Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. It is derived from the German word "klasse," which is the present form of the Middle low German word "klase," meaning class, rank, or sort.

The surname is different in that it is gender-specific to the male lineage, as was a common practice in German names.

In Germany, Claaßen is most heavily concentrated in the Lower Saxony region. Approximately 5,900 individuals share this surname in Germany. In Norway, Claaßen is the 412th most common surname and is most prevalent in the region of Hedmark. In Sweden, Claaßen is found most often in the southeastern county of Skåne.

The Netherlands possesses the largest population with the surname Claaßen, containing 7,800 individuals who carry the name. Most of the Netherlands' Claaßen family come from rural areas on the country's north coast. Recently, Dutch immigrants with the surname Claaßen have mainly settled in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

In the United States, Claaßen is most common in the Midwest region including, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois. Historically, German immigrants to the Midwest often settled around rivers and along railroads. While most variants of the surname Claaßen are various spellings of 'Classen,' it can also be found as 'Claussen.'

Variations of the surname Claaßen

The surname Claaßen is German in origin and has several spellings, variants and surname variations.

The most common spelling of the Claaßen surname is Claassen, with two a's and two s's. Claassen is the most frequent version, and is also found in Dutch and English-speaking countries.

In addition to Claassen, other variants of the surname Claaßen include Claessen, Claesen, Claessen, Claesen, Claessens, Claessons, Claesson, Claessens, Clason and Claesman.

The surname Claassen also has many recognizable variations, including Claaß, Claasen, Claass, Clasen, and Klasen. There are also less common variations such as Glaesen and Glaessen.

The Dutch version of the surname is Claessens, while the American spelling is Claassen. In Scandinavia, Spellings such as Klassen and Klasson are prevalent.

The form Claaß is sometimes seen on older gravestones, a variant on the name Claass. It is sometimes spelled without the umlaut (‘Clas’) and accompanied by its variants.

In Flanders, there are Claeys, Claes and Claeyssen. Common variations in Spain and French speaking countries include Claessen, Claessen and Clasens.

In Germany, the name is normally spelled Claassen. In East Germany, there are also Claesen, Claysen, Claessen and Claasen.

The Jewish variant of Claaßen is Klein, and there are also more obscure versions such as Klaassen and Klaasen.

Overall, the Claaßen surname has many spellings and variants, which often vary according to the regions in which it is used.

Famous people with the name Claaßen

  • Julius Claaßen, German actor
  • Kerstin Claassen, German Actress
  • Hermann Claassen, German World War II Ace
  • Peter Claassen, best known for his role in the 5th season of the German police drama Tatort
  • Klaus Claassen, German curler
  • Christian Claaßen, German physicist
  • Ernst Claaßen, German author
  • Gustav Claaßen, German sculptor
  • Heinz Claaßen, German Olympic equestrian
  • Johannes Claaßen, German director and screenwriter

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