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Surname Claehsens - Meaning and Origin

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Claehsens: What does the surname Claehsens mean?

The last name Claehsens is of German origin and it indicates that the original bearer of the name were from the Cleves region in Germany. The words Cleves and Claehsens are derived from the Medieval Latin 'Clivensis', meaning 'from the bank'.

The origin of the name is especially prevalent in modern North-Rhine Westphalia, where the Cleves region is located. The people of Cleves are known as 'Cleveser' and the language spoken there is Low German.

The first record of the name Claehsens can be traced back to the year 1522, when a Cleveser man named Martin Claehsens was mentioned in a document that listed the surnames of the townsfolk. Since then, the name has been common in the region, with numerous records of people going by the surname being found in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The main characteristic of the name is that it implies a close connection to the Cleves region and all the cultural and historical aspects associated with it. To many in modern times, it stands for a sense of identity to a specific place in Germany and can be a way for people to trace their linguistic and regional roots.

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Claehsens: Where does the name Claehsens come from?

The last name Claehsens is most commonly found as Claessens in the Netherlands and Belgium. This surname originates from the medieval Flemish form, “claessen” or “claes”, which means “son of”.The name first appears in Dutch records as early as 1564 and is thought to have originated near Mechelen, a prominent trading center in Belgium.

Today, the surname Claessens is found in many regions throughout the world, but is particularly common in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. In the Netherlands, there are 5,704 people currently registered with the name Claessens. Similarly, in Belgium there are 2,103 people with the name Claessens. In Germany, the surname Claessens is not as common, with only 1,107 people registered with the name.

Outside the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, the surname Claessens is less commonly seen. The surname is found in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, and Denmark, as well as other countries throughout the world. In the United States, for example, the surname Claehsens is ranked as the 13,871st most common name.

Overall, the name Claessens is most associated with the Netherlands and Belgium, where its popularity remains strong. It is relatively rare elsewhere, but is still found in many countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Claehsens

The surname Claehsens (also spelled Claessens, Claesens, Claesenson, Klaehsen, or Klassens) is of Dutch and German origin, meaning "son of Claes (or Klaus)". Variants of this name include Claehson, Clahsen, Claessen, Claessen, Claessen, Claessenssens, Claessensohn, Cláezon, Claesson, Claesz, Klaehsen, Klähsen, and Klessens. The surname derived from a nickname for the first person to carry the name, often a diminutive of the personal name Klaus, an old Germanic personal name which meant "victorious people".

In the Netherlands, the most common spelling of this name is Claessens. This spelling is also used in Belgium, France, and Germany(Prussian). In the United States, however, the spelling is usually Klaehsen or Klassens.

Due to the fact that the Netherlands is a linguistically diverse region, the variants of this surname also vary from region to region. In Northeastern France, variants of the name Claehsens include Claesson, Claenessens, Cléezon, Claesz, and Claessenssens. In central Holland, the spelling Claesenson is most common. In Alsace, Lorraine, and Wallonia, the variations Klähsen and Claessens are the most common. Lastly, in the German-speaking regions of Prussia, Austria and Bavaria the spelling Klaehsen is most commonly used.

In conclusion, the surname Claehsens is very diverse in its range of variants, all of which are related to the given name Klaus. The majority of variants exist in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany, though variants of this name can be found across Europe.

Famous people with the name Claehsens

  • Charlie Claesens, Belgian actor
  • Aloïs Claesens, Belgian road racing cyclist
  • Henrik Claesens, Danish film producer
  • Line Claesens, Belgian Film and Television Actress
  • Stéphane Claesens, Belgian international football striker
  • Dina Claesen, Dutch professional Chef
  • John Claesens, English Lawyer and financial advisor
  • Lennart Claesens, Dutch football midfielder
  • Jan Claesens, Belgian road racing cyclist
  • Rick Claesens, Dutch classical/jazz Vespa drummer

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