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Surname Claesgens - Meaning and Origin

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Claesgens: What does the surname Claesgens mean?

The last name Claesgens is of Dutch origin. It is derived from the given name Claes, which is a shortened form of Nicolaes, meaning "victory of the people”. The surname Claesgens itself has two possible meanings, or etymologies. Firstly, it could be derived from the Dutch "claes" meaning "pig" and "gen" meaning "family". Therefore, Claesgens would mean a "family of pigs", most likely denoting an association with the pig farming industry.

Alternatively, Claesgens could also mean "son of Claes". In this case, the surname refers to the individual or family line that have the given name Claes in their ancestry. Such families would have traced their lineage from a particular progenitor named Claes.

No matter which meaning is associated with the name Claesgens, the families likely originated in Netherlands. Today, people with this surname are found in Netherlands and across Europe, as well as in the United States.

The Claesgens family name has roots in the Middle Ages and has continued to be an important part of Dutch culture. It is a reminder of the people and places we trace our family line to, and upholds memories of the past.

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Claesgens: Where does the name Claesgens come from?

The last name Claesgens is of Dutch origin and is thought to trace its lineage back to the 12th century when the name was used to refer to someone from the namesake village of Claesgens in the Netherlands. The name has since spread throughout Europe but it is especially common in the Netherlands and Belgium. Claesgens is also seen in Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland.

In North America, particularly the United States and Canada, the Claesgens name is seen quite prominently with a large number of descendants originating from European immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Moreover, individuals with Claesgens lineage can be found living throughout the US, particularly in the Midwest and parts of the West Coast.

Additionally, individuals with this last name can be found in South American countries, Asia, and parts of Australasia as a result of migration over the years.

The surname Claesgens is most commonly associated with those who were or are part of the Dutch, Flemish, and German-speaking branches of Europe. The name can still be found quite prominently in those countries, with people displaying a strong sense of loyalty towards their long-standing name.

Overall, the last name Claesgens is still very much alive and well from Europe and North America all the way to South America, Asia, and even parts of Australasia.

Variations of the surname Claesgens

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Claesgens are Klasgens, Claassens, Klaasgens and Kləsges.

The origin of this surname is Dutch and derived from the patronymic surname term 'claes', which is a Dutch diminutive of the given name Nicholas. The patronymic surname terms ending with '-s' indicate that at one time the person had a father named 'Claes'. Spelling variations of this surname that are derived from the patronymic term Claes date back to the 16th century and became popular during the late 19th century.

The similar spelling– 'Klasgens' – can be found in German language documents, while the surnames 'Claassens' and 'Klaasgens' are predominantly found in Dutch language documents. The German spelling variant– 'Kləsges'– appears in some German church books although the record keeping was more limited in those areas.

All of these surnames are derived from the same origin and, as mentioned above, all indicate that at one time the person had a father named Claes or Klas.

Famous people with the name Claesgens

  • Pieter Claesgens (17th century Dutch painter)
  • Mark Claesgens (Belgian footballer)
  • Claude Claesgens (Belgian politician)
  • Jerzy Claesgens (Polish volleyball player)
  • Joris Claesgens (Belgian actor)
  • Dr. Jürgen Claesgens (German engineering professor)
  • Jean-Marie Claesgens (French lawyer)
  • Karel Claesgens (Belgian Catholic priest and professor of theology)
  • Jonas Claesgens (Belgian-American football player)
  • Didier Claesgens (Belgian footballer)
  • Louis-Marie-Jacques Claesgens (Belgian cellist)
  • Louis Muyle Claesgens (Belgian composer)
  • Willem Claesgens (Dutch sculptor)
  • Arnold Claesgens (Dutch archaeologist)
  • Antonio Claudius Claesgens (Dutch composer)
  • Gaston Claesgens (Belgian artist)
  • Lene Claesgens (German fashion designer)
  • Netty Claesgens-Rauner (German politician)
  • Joe Claesgens (American soccer player)
  • Frederic Claesgens (Belgian language professor)

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