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How My iGENEA DNA Test Breathed Life into My Surname, Clawson, And Shaped My Perspective of Personal Identity

Family name Clawson

Prior to my DNA test, my surname, Clawson, was merely a label; a distinguishing social marker passed down from my ancestors. The test stirred an interest in me to learn more about it, leading me to the iGENEA DNA test.

My iGENEA DNA test unlocked a wealth of information about my lineage and opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of my personal identity and heritage. The curiosity was primarily for my surname – Clawson, and the results of the DNA test gave me an intriguing insight into its roots. As I grappled with the intriguing details of my newfound information, my perspective about who I am and where I come from transcended from the pages of family albums to the real history of my ancestors embedded in my DNA. My journey through time has made me appreciate my identity and the roots of my moniker while sowing seeds of knowledge on the significance of ancestry.

M. Clawson

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