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Surname Coffran - Meaning and Origin

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Coffran: What does the surname Coffran mean?

The surname Coffran is of Irish origin and is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac an Ghobhrain, which translates to “son of the Smith”. This is suggestive of an occupational surname for someone in either the metalworking or blacksmith trade. This name is associated with County Kerry in southwestern Ireland, where there are also several variants of the name such as MacCoffran, Coffrane, Coffran, and MacGofran. Early records of the name date back to 1099 in Derbyshire, England.

This surname is also found in the 1881 census of England and Wales, mainly in Lancashire where it is still prevalent today. Outside of the British Isles, the last name can also be found in North America, where it is mostly concentrated in the United States. It is likely that the name arrived in America during the 19th century Irish diaspora.

Coffran is an uncommon last name, but its origins suggest that it held strong ties to manual trades. Knowing its roots and the prevalence of the surname in the British and Irish Isles, it is possible that those bearing the name have had both hands in the soil and profession rooted in the earth.

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Coffran: Where does the name Coffran come from?

The last name Coffran is most commonly associated with the United States, particularly the Midwestern states of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. It is also seen in the other states of the United States in much smaller numbers. Outside of the United States, it is quite rare.

The first Coffran to come to America was William Coffran, who arrived in Virginia in 1610. Since then, the Coffran name has spread throughout the United States, and the name is most abundant in the states that neighbor and that William Coffran settled in. It is believed that William Coffran is the progenitor of the modern day Coffran family.

In Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan the Coffran name is still fairly common. A search of the census records of these three states shows that the name is still fairly popular and common within these states.

The Coffran name appears to have its roots in England. The name is believed to have been derived from the Old English name Corfan. It is believed that this name was brought to America by William Coffran, who settled in Virginia in the early 17th century.

The Coffran name is still a part of American family trees today, with many descendants of the original William Coffran still having the name today. With this being the case, the name is still common in the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, as well as the other states of the United States, although in much smaller numbers. Outside of the United States, the name is much rarer.

Variations of the surname Coffran

The surname Coffran is of Irish origin. Variants of the surname include Coffee, Coffey, Coffy, Coffie, Coffy, Caffey, Coffrane, Coffren, Coffrin, Coffrinne, and Coffroon.

Coffey is the most common variant of Coffran, and it is typically used in Ireland. Coffy is usually used as a diminutive spelling of the name. Coffee and Coffie are more popular in Scotland, and are often spelled with an additional letter 'e' on the end. Caffey is another popular surname that can be seen in Ireland, as it is derived from the Irish “Ceathair Fhaidh” or fourth son.

Coffrane is an additional variant that is seen in the United States, while Coffrin is commonly seen in Scotland. Coffrinne is a rarer variant of the name, and Coffroon is often seen in Canada.

The Spelling of Coffran can also vary slightly; other spellings include Coffrahn, Cafferan, Coffrah, and Coffranne.

Overall, these spellings and surnames are all derived from the same root, and denote the same Irish origin.

Famous people with the name Coffran

  • Bruce Coffran: a professional boxer who held the WBC Light Welterweight title.
  • Mark Coffran: a professional bass player for bands like Mary’s Danish, Zebrahead, Far, Killing Heidi and The Suicide Machines.
  • William Coffran: an actor who appeared in the films “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” and “Hawaii Five O.”
  • Carl Coffran: a jazz vocalist, composer, arranger and producer.
  • Shannon Coffran: a professional singer and musician.
  • Vito Coffran: a professional soccer player who played for the Los Angeles Galaxy.
  • John Coffran: an award-winning documentary filmmaker.
  • Austin Coffran: an artist and digital illustrator.
  • Sarah Coffran: a professional flutist and music professor.
  • Christina Coffran: a professional singer and songwriter.

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