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Surname Cogley - Meaning and Origin

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Cogley: What does the surname Cogley mean?

The surname Cogley is believed to be an Anglicized version of the old Irish Gaelic surname Ó Conghaile. It is thought to have derived from the old Irish ó, meaning “male descendant of” or “grandson,” and conglae, meaning “valor” or “heroism.” Thus, the the name Cogley is thought to mean “descendant of the heroic one.”

The surname Cogley is believed to have its roots in the eastern province of Leinster in Ireland. It can be found in many areas, including counties Dublin, Carlow, and Kilkenny. Cogley could have come from either a branch of the O’Keeffe family, which may have shortened its name to Cogley, or a branch of the Mac Conghaile family. One of the earliest mentions of the surname Cogley appeared in the Hearth Money Rolls of 1790, when one John Cogley was listed in the county of Carlow.

The Cogley surname may have a number of different spellings, and today there are many different families with the Cogley surname living around the world. The Cogley name has a great deal of history and tradition behind it and is often thought of as a family of strength and courage.

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Cogley: Where does the name Cogley come from?

The last name Cogley is most commonly found in the United States. The earliest record of the surname was in the year 1790 when Isaac Coggley was listed as the head of a family in North Carolina. Cogley is a variant of the Irish surname Cogley.

The name can be found mostly in the South, particularly in areas that had a large influx of Irish immigrants. It is most common in states such as Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, with a smaller presence in Virginia and West Virginia.

The name is becoming rare as most of its bearers have scattered across the country over the generations and established more localized communities. The name Cogley is especially rare in the Northeastern and Western parts of the country.

Today, the largest concentration of people with the last name Cogley can be found in Wales as a result of some members of the family moving there during the 19th and 20th century. There is also a small percentage of Cogleys in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Cogley

Cogley is a surname with several variant spellings and related surnames of the same origin. The most common variant spellings of Cogley are Cagley, Cagle, Cawley, Coagley, Coaly, and Cooley. These variant spellings are derived from the Irish surname O Caollaidhe which is anglicized as O Cawley or sometimes simply Cawley.

The Irish surname O Caollaidhe was derived from the Gaelic root word “Caol” which means slender. It is thought that the surname may have been acquired by individuals who exhibited a particularly slender build.

Many branches of the O Caollaidhe surname eventually became anglicized over time to Cogley or Cawley, and the variant spellings noted above originated from these forms.

The related surnames Caughey, Coghill, Coghlan, Coghill, and Cogill also have the same ultimate origin of O Caollaidhe, though the sources of these other surnames are largely unknown.

Cawsley is another closely related surname of the same origin, and it is thought to have been derived from the Welsh surname Caelwsly or Cewsley. This Welsh surname was derived from the Welsh root word “caelws” which means to cover, protect, or enclose.

In addition, the related surname Cowley also has the same ultimate origin as Cogley, though it is thought to be derived from the Old English root word “cū” which means cow. The Old English word “cū” eventually became Cūe and eventually anglicized to Cowley over time.

Famous people with the name Cogley

  • Bobby Cogley: Irish actor, best known for his roles in films such as 'An Bronntanas' and 'Unthinkable Things'.
  • Gabe Cogley: Co-founder of the popular agility software company, Asana.
  • Jermaine Cogley: American basketball player, who played for the Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat.
  • Sean Cogley: Award-winning independent filmmaker, known for his documentaries like 'The Toastmaker'.
  • Eva Cogley: Author and illustrator of the children's book, 'The Elves and the Tailor'.
  • Juliet Cogley: Olympic gold medalist in synchronized swimming.
  • Alex Cogley: Professional baseball player and long-time member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • John Cogley: Award-winning journalist and author, best known for his works on topics like religion and civil rights.
  • Elvie Cogley: British actress, who has appeared in films such as 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' and 'The Young Victoria'.
  • Olga Cogley: One of the leading contemporary Russian painters, known for her use of bright colors and expressive brushstrokes.

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