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Surname Colat - Meaning and Origin

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Colat: What does the surname Colat mean?

The last name Colat is unusual and doesn't have a commonly established meaning in English. As surnames, particularly those less common, are often rooted in specific languages, cultures or geographical areas, they can have multiple interpretations. The name Colat could be of Swiss origin, similar to "Kolatt," a surname referencing someone originally from Kolatte, a place in Switzerland. In Turkish, "colat" translates to "has suffered", but it's uncertain if this applies to the surname. In the Indian context, it might be a variant of "Kolhatkar", a surname common among those from Maharashtra, indicating a connection to the town of Kolhapur.

Many last names arise from professions, personal characteristics, or geographic information. The exact meaning of Colat may vary, based on its origin and colloquial interpretations. It's always best to look into individual family histories for accurate information about a specific surname's origin and meaning.

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Colat: Where does the name Colat come from?

The last name Colat is most commonly found in France and its former colonies. It is particularly frequent in the city of Toulouse, where approximately 3.6% of all inhabitants bear the name. The popularity of the name is also seen in the surrounding towns of the Midi-Pyrenees region and throughout the south of the country. Additionally, the name Colat has spread beyond the borders of France, particularly through immigration to Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America. The name is particularly prevalent in Colombia, where 4.3% of the population have the last name. It is also present in other countries in the region including Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

Within France, Colat is often seen in its original form of Coulat or its variant ‘Coulade’. The name likely originates from a diminutive form of the name ‘Col’, which may have referred to a person who worked in charcoal production. Alternatively, it could stem from the Latin term ‘colere’ meaning ‘cultivate’.

Variations of the surname Colat

The origins of the surname Colat are highly speculated, but it likely has French, Dutch, German or Italian roots. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Colat include:

• Collat – this French variant is likely derived from a similar word such as "coller"—meaning "to glue or attach."

• Kolat – a German variant of Colat where the letter C may have been replaced with a K.

• Kollatt – a Dutch variant of Colat with the addition of the letter T.

• Callat – another French variant of Colat stemming from the same root word “coller”.

• Colatte – an Italian derivative of Colat with the addition of double t’s.

• Collard – a Norman-French variant of Colat originating from the Latin word “collare”, meaning “collar”.

• Collatti – an Italian variant of Colat with an extra t and an i added.

• Cullot – a Norman-French variant of Colat with a double l and a single t.

• Collon – an Norman-French variant of Colat with a double l and an extra n added.

• Collatus – yet another Norman-French derivative of Colat derived from the Latin word “collare”, meaning “to bind”.

• Kolt – a German variant of Colat with an extra t.

• Cullatt – a Dutch variant of Colat with the letter U replacing the letter C.

• Coulat – an English variant of of Colat originating as a diminutive of Nicholas.

The numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Colat indicates the many avenues of potential family origins and history.

Famous people with the name Colat

  • Pat Colat: French alpine skier
  • Jan Colat: German track and field athlete
  • Solveig Colat: French musician, songwriter, and actress
  • Boris Colat: German pole vaulter
  • Jaume Colat: Spanish slalom canoer
  • Dr. Vincent Colat: French certified medical doctor and director of the French National Institute of Research in Sport
  • Christiane Colat-Lang: German figure skater
  • Nico Colat: US actor and stuntman
  • Ingrid Colat: German dressage rider
  • Tupaul Colat: French soccer player

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