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Surname Cöllen - Meaning and Origin

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Cöllen: What does the surname Cöllen mean?

The surname Cöllen is of German origin, derived from a place name and originating from the Middle High German word "Köllen", meaning "Old Settlement". It is an occupational name for someone that worked at an old settlement, or resided there.

The earliest recorded instance of the surname dates back to the year 1592, when the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II granted ownership of the land in Lower Bavaria to the Cöllen family.

Today, the name is most commonly associated with the cities of Coblenz in Germany, and koln in the Netherlands, both of which are derived from the same Middle High German word. The name has also spread over the years to other parts of Germany and beyond, and can be found in other countries including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The Cöllen surname is unusual, but it has been around for centuries and has been associated with many notable families. Over the years it has come to represent nobility, courage, and perseverance in the face of adversity. It is a name that evokes feelings of respect and admiration in the minds of many.

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Cöllen: Where does the name Cöllen come from?

The last name Cöllen is a German surname, derived from the Latin word "colonus," meaning "farmer." Historically, the name was found in the present-day states of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and beyond.

Today, the surname Cöllen is concentrated in the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, as well as in the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland. It is also found in Austria, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, as well as on the eastern regions of France and Belgium.

The name Cöllen is relatively uncommon globally, carrying an estimated 0.00025% frequency of occurrence. In the United States, the name is bowling with an estimated 0.0001% frequency nationwide. According to the US Census of 2000, just 14 people were recorded bearing the last name in the US, hailing from 11 different states. Thus, the name is most likely of German-speaking origin.

While the surname Cöllen is often associated with Germanic countries, its geographical reach is more far-reaching. It also stretches across the globe into countries such as Canada, Australia, and Brazil. As people have migrated around the world, the last name Cöllen has come along with them. Thus, though it started as a German name, it is now found in various countries with rich cultural legacies.

Variations of the surname Cöllen

The surname Cöllen has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. It is primarily of German origin, though may also be found in other cultures as well. The root word of the surname is the German word ‘collen’, meaning ‘dark’ or ‘swarthy’, and as such has many variations spelt with different accents, as well as many transliterations.

The most common variants of the surname Cöllen include Cöhler, Cöhlerin, Köhler, Celler, Collen, Kollen, Kohlen, Kollin, Koehler, Colein, Collon and Kollenberger. Similarly, many of these variants are found in different versions spelled with umlauts, or the two dots above certain vowels, such as Cöhler, Cöhlerin, Köhler, Köllen and Köllenberger.

Outside of German cultures, some of the common spellings and surnames of the same origin found in France are Cellier, Celliers, Kollier, Kolliers, Collier, Colliers, Colier, Colliard, Coillard, and Colouard. In the United States, popular spellings of the surname include Culin, Collings, Cullins, Colen, Callings and Kollin.

In addition, the spelling of the surname Cöllen is also found in various transliterations, from languages such as Czech, Dutch, Polish and Yiddish, among others. Transliterations of the surname include Köllene, Kohlena, Kolena, and Koliny.

Overall, there are many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for this surname, with some of the most popular spellings found in German, French and American cultures.

Famous people with the name Cöllen

  • Florian Cöllen: General Manager at the Linde Group
  • Cornelius Cöllen: German entrepreneur known for Isoken Co.
  • Ernst Cöllen: German engineer, known for his wartime V-1 and V-2 missile creations
  • Paul Cöllen: Austrian actor and director
  • Emil Cöllen: Austrian anatomist and professor
  • Wilhelm Cöllen: German Catholic bishop
  • Marius Cöllen: German banker and former Member of the European Parliament
  • Michael Cöllen: German industrialist and CEO of Ostermann company
  • Werner Cöllen: Former Mayor of Hamburg
  • Barbara Cöllen: German film actress.

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