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Discovering My Historical and Cultural Roots Through IGENEA DNA Test: The Journey of the 'Collette' Surname

Family name Collette

Unearthing my family history through the threads of my DNA with an IGENEA test has been a phenomenal journey. It led me to the origins of my surname 'Collette,' tracing back to the nooks of Brittany, France, during the middle ages. Not just a name, it carries a cultural and religious legacy that has navigated through centuries.

With each strand of fiber on the double helix structure of my DNA carrying a rich anthology of my ancestral history, I discovered through my IGENEA DNA test that I, as a Collette, carry a tale that dates back as far as the middle ages.

The name "Collette" originated in France and was first chronicled in Brittany, a northwestern region of the country. It evolved from the popular personal name "Nicholas" and the Celtic suffix "-et" indicating 'little', thus combining to form "little Nicholas." It's fascinating to understand that my surname has a lineage encompassing hundreds of centuries and reflects an affectionate diminutive of a beloved figure.

Historically, the name gained prominence in the 15th century through the life of Saint Colette, a French abbess and the founder of the Colettine Poor Clares, a branch of the Order of Saint Clare, popularly known as the Poor Clares. Her sanctity and dedication to a pious life have been echoed in the rows of the annuals where the name Collette was mentioned. This evidence portrays the potential religious significance attached to my last name.

The migration of the Collette families, as suggested by my DNA report, began in the 17th century when religious intolerance and economic hardship compelled many to leave their homeland. Many Collette's found their way to Canada and the United States, where they lived in strong communities, preserving their French culture and traditions.

The DNA test has not only unfolded my family's migration history but also enlightened me about the deep roots of French culture ingrained within me. It cements my love for French art, language, food, and history, and I feel organically connected to France.

Overall, the essence of my Collette heritage, as revealed by the IGENEA DNA test, has been a pilgrimage into my past, making me understand my place in the world a bit better than before.

K. Collette

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