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'Delving Into the Past: A Review of My iGENEA DNA Test Experience'

Family name Collier

The experience of using the iGENEA DNA test unfolds, revealing fascinating insights into the origin of the surname 'Collier', garnered from a user-friendly platform that also facilities connections with distant relatives worldwide.

My experience with the iGENEA DNA test has been enlightening and engaging. Right off the bat, the process was pretty straightforward. I ordered the test online, it was delivered within a week, then I performed the easy cheek swab at home and, before I knew it, my DNA sample was off to the lab. The waiting period of about 4 to 6 weeks seemed tedious at the moment but in hindsight, it was a small price to pay for the treasure trove of genealogical information that was to come.

When I received my results, I immediately started to delve into my ancestry and what I discovered was quite fascinating. My surname, Collier, it transpired, had a lineage that threads back to medieval Europe. Specifically, I learned that the Colliers were industrious individuals, primarily engaged in coal mining, hence the name 'Collier', which actually translates to 'coal seller'. Needless to say, this revelation sparked an intense interest in my ancestors.

iGENEA DNA test offered more than just a glimpse into my family’s past. It also granted me the unique opportunity to connect with other individuals who share the Collier surname. Using their DNA database, I was able to locate and reach out to several distant relatives around the globe, some even right here in the United States. We exchanged stories and family histories, further enriching my understanding of the Collier roots.

Moreover, the user-friendly nature of the iGENEA website made the journey of discovery remarkably hassle-free. The online tools for exploring family connections and scouring the DNA database were intuitive and easy to navigate.

Indeed, it has been an incredible experience to date. The joy of learning about the rich history of the Collier name as well as finding a broader family network has been immeasurable. iGENEA DNA test is more than just a test – it's a vibrant, comprehensive platform that brings family history to life.

M. Collier

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