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My iGENEA Experience: Unravelling the Intricate Tapestry of the Collins Family History

Family name Collins

Embarking on a journey to understand my family history through a DNA analysis at iGENEA brought to light the rich cultural heritage and history behind my Irish surname, Collins. Tracing back to ancient Celtic roots, my experience with iGENEA enhanced my understanding of my lineage, connecting me with historically significant migration patterns, and to potential distant relatives.

Delving into the intricate folds of my familial history has been a journey of core realizations, surprising discoveries, and a deepened understanding of my identity. My journey commenced in earnest when I engaged the services of iGENEA, looking forward to unearthing the truth hidden within strands of my DNA.

While my distinctly Irish last name, Collins, always intrigued me, a DNA analysis conducted by iGENEA offered profound insights into the origin and history of my family that I had never imagined. The Collins name, heralding from Ireland, was confirmed to be connected to the old Gaelic name O'Coileain, which interestingly means ‘young warrior'. This surname is common in counties Cork and Limerick, revealing that my ancestors were likely from these regions.

I discovered, through iGENEA's detailed analysis, that my Collins lineage belongs to the unique R1b haplogroup. This is significant because the R1b haplogroup is associated with western Europe, predominantly found in Atlantic coastal regions. The abundance of this haplogroup in Ireland indicates a significant migration or settling of people in this area during past millennia – possibly my forefathers were among them.

Even more captivating was the exploration of my paternal lineage. The iGENEA report indicated a strong connection with the Celts, an ancient civilization known for their cultural richness and resourceful nature. This realization filled me with profound pride and curiosity, igniting a fervor to explore my Celtic heritage further.

Lastly, an aspect that made my experience with iGENEA even more enriching was their online platform, which made it possible to connect with others who shared my DNA markers and potentially establish distant kinship. This feature opened up unforeseen horizons, shaping my understanding of kinship beyond immediate blood relations.

Taking the iGENEA DNA test transformed me from a curious seeker into a knowledgeable bearer of my family’s history. The analysis not only confirmed my Irish roots but also granted me detailed insights about the journey of my predecessors. In many ways, it connected me to my past, making me feel deeply entwined with the historical tapestry of my ancient Celtic lineage.

R. Collins

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