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Surname Combs - Meaning and Origin

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R. Combs

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Combs: What does the surname Combs mean?

The surname Combs is of English origin and dates back to before the 7th century. It is a locational surname that could be linked to various places such as Combs in Suffolk and Derbyshire, or Coombe in places such as Wiltshire, Sussex, and Gloucestershire. All these locations share a similar meaning: they are derived from the Old English word "cumb," which means a "short, straight valley." Therefore, the last name Combs could imply that the original bearers were residents of these locales. Additionally, Combs could also be associated with the occupation of the comb maker - a common trade in medieval times, deriving from the Middle English word "comb" or "combe," meaning a comb used for carding wool. Therefore, people with the surname Combs might have had a familial link to comb making in the past. However, the most common interpretation remains the geographic one, relating to the English word for a small valley.

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Combs: Where does the name Combs come from?

The surname Combs is of English origin, derived from the Old English term "cumb" meaning valley. It was a topographic name for someone who lived by a hollow or valley. Another possible origin of this surname is related to the medieval occupation of "comber", someone who “combed” raw wool and separated the strands before spinning. In the Middle Ages, this name was common in East Anglia, particularly in the county of Suffolk.

Today, Combs is a common surname in the United States, particularly in the states of Kentucky and Indiana. Its popularity has also increased due to its association with notable persons in the entertainment industry, such as the American rapper Sean John Combs, also known as P. Diddy. The spelling of the surname may vary, often seen as Coombs or Coombes, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Combs

Combs is a surname of Old English origin, derived from Middle English term 'combe' meaning a valley. It may have been used as a locational surname for families living in or near a valley, or it could denote a person's occupation if they used combs in their trade.

Several variations of the surname Combs exist, the most common of which include Coombs, Coombes, Combes, Combe, Coombe, and Coome. In each of these variations the sound 'combe' remains. These spelling variations may have arisen due to phonetic transcriptions by different record keepers, based on regional accents.

There are also related surnames, which have the same root, but additional prefixes or suffixes. These include Lockcoombe, Highercombe, Nethercombe, Uphamcombe, Westcombe, and Eastcombe. In these cases, additional elements were added to the root 'combe' to denote a specific location, often relative to a geographic feature like a hill, river, forest, or some other landmark.

It's important to note that in genealogical research, apart from these spelling variations, the name may also have changed significantly through history or may have been altered upon immigration. Some families might have translated it into the language of a new country, slightly changed it for easier pronunciation, or completely changed it to a different surname.

Famous people with the name Combs

  • Sean Combs: Also known as P. Diddy, he is a highly renowned rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.
  • Holly Marie Combs: An actress best known for her role in the TV series Charmed.
  • Justin Combs: Son of Sean Combs who is also an actor, model, and was a college football player.
  • Quincy Combs: Another son of Sean Combs who is an actor.
  • Kim Porter Combs: She was a model and actress, and the former long term partner of Sean Combs.
  • Christian Combs: Son of Sean Combs, he is a rapper, model, and amateur boxer.
  • Leland B. Combs: A US army officer who received the Medal of Honor.
  • Jessica Combs: A professional racer, metal fabricator, and TV personality who tragically died in a jet-car crash.
  • Jeffrey Combs: An actor best known for his role in Star Trek.
  • Chance Combs: Daughter of Sean Combs and model Sarah Chapman.
  • Doctor Combs: an accomplished music composer.
  • Richard Combs: a long-serving judge in Kentucky.

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