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Surname Comello - Meaning and Origin

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Comello: What does the surname Comello mean?

The last name Comello is of Italian origin. However, its specific meaning is not clear as it does not directly translate to a specific word or phrase in Italian. It is typical of southern Italy, especially Calabria. In many cultures, including Italian, surnames often derive from an occupation, location, characteristic, or paternal line. Therefore, it is believed that the Comello surname may potentially have derived from an occupation or location, but the specific origin is unknown. Like many surnames, it could have had specific meaning or significance to the family or town of origin. It is important to note that surname meanings can change over time and can differ according to regional dialects and languages. In some cases, it could have originated from a nickname, transformed over centuries into a family name. In conclusion, while Comello is a recognised Italian surname, its precise meaning remains unclear without further historical or genealogical research.

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Comello: Where does the name Comello come from?

The surname Comello is believed to have originated in Italy. It is a variation of a patronymic name, likely derived from the first name "Comello" or "Comellus", an old Latin diminutive of the name "Come", which derives from the Latin "goaimor", meaning "dear child".

Today, the surname Comello is not very common, but it can be found in some regions of Italy, such as Lombardia and Veneto. In addition, due to immigration, the surname has spread to other countries over the centuries. There are presently individuals with the Comello surname residing in countries like Brazil, the United States, Argentina, and France. However, the highest concentration remains in Italy. Considerable emigration from Italy during the late 19th and early 20th centuries has also led to the dissemination of the name in other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Comello

The surname Comello is of Italian origin and it is quite rare. However, it can be found more often in northern Italy especially in the region of Lombardy. Its variations can be influenced by regional dialects, linguistic changes, or even typographical errors, leading to different spellings of the same surname.

While there aren't a lot of alternative spellings or variations specifically for Comello, other spellings could potentially include Comell, Comella, Comelli, and Comel.

Also, similar-sounding surnames that trace back to the same Italian roots might include Commisso, Commesso, Colombo, Cimillo, and Comito which are more prevalent surnames in Italy.

Please note that Comello could have been originally a nickname or occupational name, such as the surname Commisso, which is derived from 'commesso' that meaned 'salesman or shopkeeper'.

For definitive clarification about your own variant of the surname, genealogical DNA testing or tracing back your family tree could give a substantial answer.

Famous people with the name Comello

  • Alejandro Comello: He is an Argentine actor, theater director and columnist, best known for starring in the play, “Cazadores de Microbios”. He was the recipient of the 2020 Silver Condor Award for Best Actor for his leading role in the Netflix film, “El Inca”.
  • Silvina Comello: She is an Argentine actress, producer and journalist. She is best known for her eventful character Su in the Netflix comedy series, “La Casa de las Flores”. She has also been in several theatre productions in Buenos Aires.
  • Gino Comello: He is an Italian composer and musician, best known for his work on the Grammy nominated musical, “Divine Eggs”. He has written both traditional and contemporary music for various films and theatre productions.
  • Santiago Comello: He is an Uruguayan actor and singer, best known for portraying the role of Julio in the Netflix original musical, “Violeta, La Mujer Que Lucho”.
  • Fabian Comello: He is an Argentine film director, best known for his work on the movie, “Eight Days in November”. He has also been involved in the writing and production of a number of short films.

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