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Surname Convers - Meaning and Origin

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Convers: What does the surname Convers mean?

The surname Convers is of French origin and is associated with the ancient Norman culture that developed in Northern France and England. Dating as far back as the Middle Ages, Convers is likely derived from an Old French term meaning “a meeting” or “a gathering of people”. It is believed the name was given to individuals who frequently or lived near a local Meeting Place. During medieval times, these Meetings would have been quite commonplace and it is likely the Convers family was deeply immersed in their local community.

It is also possible that the surname Convers is derived from a personal name such as Convers de Lapide, which may refer to someone who works with stonemasonry. The surname could also be of Spanish origin, although this is less likely.

People with the surname Convers may also have been formerly known as de Convers or d'Convers. This indicates that their ancestors may have been related to an important noble family or a landowner.

Alternate spellings for Convers are Converz, Contvers, Converss, Conversse and Converze. Variants of the name can be found in both France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The name Convers is widespread throughout Europe and North America and has been adopted by individuals from many different backgrounds and cultures.

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Convers: Where does the name Convers come from?

The last name Convers is most common today in France, where the name is found in many versions including Converse, Converset, and Convett. In France it is particularly concentrated in the central region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Other parts of Europe such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Germany also have high concentrations of the name.

In the United States, the last name Convers is found predominantly along the East coast and in the Midwest. The states with the highest number of people carrying the Convers surname are New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and California.

The name is also present with a low frequency in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and countries of the Mediterranean region, especially Italy and Spain.

In all countries the name is found more frequently as Convers than Converse, but spelling variants is common and it is likely that many individuals found in a given country are descended from a common ancestor originally bearing the Convers family name.

Variations of the surname Convers

The surname Convers is a patronymic that originated in England. It comes from the personal name Conyers, which derived from the Old French nickname coniers, meaning a "toad-lover."

Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Convers include Concors, Converse, Cunners, Cunners-Conyers, Conies, Conns, Conysers and Countours. The variations in spelling originated in the Middle Ages when a person's name often changed with each recording because of language constraints and lack of literacy, making recording harder.

Another variant is Conyasse. It originated from the French word "conil," which means rabbit. This surname is thought to have been given to an individual who bred or kept rabbits.

Conyers and Conyers are also variations of Convers. The former is derived from the Old French "conour," which means buyer, while the latter comes from the Old English personal name Cuonweard.

The surname Constance is a slightly different variant. It is derived from the Latin word 'constantia', which means steadfastness and constancy.

The surname Conyers also is the same origin. It originated from an English village, which in turn derived from the Old Norse word 'Konungr' meaning king.

Converse is a variant often used in the United States and it was likely adapted from a French-German origin. The surname is most closely related to Konver, a family coat of arms associated with the Kings of France.

Overall, the surname Convers is a patronymic and derived from the Old French nickname, coniers, meaning a "toad-lover." It has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin including Concors, Converse, Cunners, Cunners-Conyers, Conies, Conns, Conysers, Countours, Conyasse, Conyers, Constance and Converse.

Famous people with the name Convers

  • Edward Convers, American judge
  • Margaret Convers Gagnon, Canadian hockey Hall of Fame player
  • Stephen Convers, American Olympic ice hockey player
  • Elizabeth Marsters Convers, American educator
  • John Convers, American politician
  • William Convers, American jurist and politician
  • George Convers, American surveyor
  • Jeremiah Convers, American Revolutionary War general
  • Amos Convers, American Civil War Union army officer
  • Jonathan Convers, American industrialist and founder of Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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