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Surname Cordas - Meaning and Origin

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Cordas: What does the surname Cordas mean?

The last name Cordas is of Italian origin and has been used as a surname since medieval times. It is derived from the Latin word meaning "cord," which was a type of coarse rope or cable, usually made of hemp or flax. It also referred to a type of neckwear that was worn prior to the invention of the modern necktie.

The surname Cordas can be found throughout Italy, and some of its variants, such as Corda, Cordi, Cordini, Cordo, Giulian, Guarini, and Lombardi, have also been documented. Unsurprisingly, it is most common in central and south-central Italy.

The name Cordas has connotations of strength and reliability and may have been given to someone who was noted for their strength of character. It is also possible that it was originally an occupational name, given to someone who made rope, or refer to someone who lived close to a rope-maker. It may have also been given to someone who built ships or boats, as rope is an important part of such construction.

Given its long history and varied uses, Cordas is a surname with many possible meanings. Over the centuries, it has been used by countless families as a way to show their unity, strength, and pride.

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Cordas: Where does the name Cordas come from?

The last name Cordas is most commonly found in countries of the former Yugoslavia. It is especially prevalent in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. It is also found in smaller numbers in Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Albania, and the United States.

In Croatia, Cordas is more common in urban areas like the capital, Zagreb. It is the 56th most common surname there. According to some sources, Cordas is the most common Croatian last name north of Zagreb.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cordas is the 57th most common surname. It is particularly more frequent in the north, notably in the Bosnian municipalities of Brcko, Doboj and Bijeljina.

In Serbia, this surname is the 86th most common and is particularly prominent in the southern part of the country, with concentrations in the cities of Novi Pazar, Kuršumlija, Raška and Preševo.

In Germany this surname is more rare, but can be found in the southwestern state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

In Albania, the surname Cordas is found mainly in Tirana, the capital.

Finally, in the United States, Cordas is quite a rare surname. Most of the people bearing this name are of Serbian and Croatian descent, and they are mainly found in large cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Variations of the surname Cordas

The surname Cordas is mainly found in Spain, Portugal, and the former Spanish colonies. In these countries it is spelled Cordás, which is the original Spanish spelling of the surname, but in Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Brazil, the surname is spelled as Cordaz.

Other variants of Cordas include Cordás, Cordass, Cordaz, Cordazz, Cordazzo, Cordasco, Cordascó, Cordasky, Córdoba, Andrade, Cordaro, Da Costa, Dacosta, DaCorte, Costa, Costa Beiza, Costa Carte, Costa Marques, Costa Montez, Enriquez, Espinosa, Henrique, Lopes, Marchand, Marques, Monteir, Montez, Oliveira, Pinto, and Verga.

Cordas is an ancestral surname that is derived from the Latin language and has specific meaning. It is derived from the word "cordas" which refers to a person who is brave or a heroic warrior. The original spelling from the Latin language is "Cordas" and has undergone various alterations over time. Historically, the surname has mostly been in areas of Spain and Portugal but has spread to other locations throughout the world due to migration.

The surname Cordas is known to have multiple spellings and several common surnames that are derived from the same origin. Spellings such as Cordás, Cordaz, and Cordazzo can be found in different countries and cultures around the world. All of these spellings and surnames share the same meaning, and are therefore considered as the same surname.

Famous people with the name Cordas

  • Elaine Cordas: American actress, best known for her role as Dr. Nora Burnet on the television series Strong Medicine.
  • Eron Cordas: a former professional Brazilian footballer.
  • Jilson Cordas: a former professional basketball player from Brazil.
  • Abner Cordas: Brazilian artist and professor of Fine Arts.
  • Michael J. Cordas: American actor and stuntman.
  • Steve Cordas: American stunt coordinator and stunt performer.
  • Kristoffer Cordas: Filipino model and actor.
  • Marjorie Cordas: Filipino actress and television presenter.
  • Michele Cordas: Italian beauty pageant contestant and model.
  • Peter Cordas: American cyclist and Olympian.
  • Rocky Cordas: Dominican Republic-born actor, writer, and comedian.
  • Gavin Cordas: Australian rugby league footballer.
  • Ainon Ishamuddin Cordas: Malaysian singer, best known for winning a talent show in Malaysia.
  • Gabriel Cordas: Argentine composer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter.
  • Richard Cordas: Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Ryan Cordas: American film and television actor, known for his roles in CSI and Raising Hope.

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