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Surname Cornaro - Meaning and Origin

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Cornaro: What does the surname Cornaro mean?

The last name Cornaro is derived from the Latin phrase "Cornu Auri" meaning "horn of gold". It originated among the aristocrats of Italy in the 15th century and is believed to have originally referred to the distinctive coronet or crest that its bearer adopted. The surname itself was later passed down through noble families in Italy and is still found frequently throughout the region today.

The Cornaro family began as a ruling dynasty in Padua, with Ottone Cornaro becoming one of the three Venetian Doges in 1562. As the leader of Venice, he developed new ways of managing the city's business and politics and set a powerful precedent for those to come. This led to the family becoming one of the most respected and prominent families in Italy.

Throughout the centuries, the Cornaros have achieved a great deal of success, both politically and economically. Many individuals in the family have distinguished themselves in the fields of literature, architecture, music, and the sciences. The last name Cornaro is associated with renowned artworks, picturesque villas, and even banks.

Today, the Cornaro name is still immortalised in its former realm of Padua, where monuments and buildings still bear the family's crest. Many noble families in Italy, Spain, and Portugal still bear the same name to this day, and scholars throughout the world recognise the Cornaro family as one of the most respected and powerful in all of Italian history.

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Cornaro: Where does the name Cornaro come from?

The last name Cornaro is most common in Italy, especially in the historically wealthy and influential region of Veneto. It spread from Venice and other areas of northern Italy to other parts of the region, including areas of modern-day Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The presence of ancient noble families within the Veneto helped spread the name to other parts of the region.

The Cornaro name is also associated with noble families throughout former Austrian and Italian territories, including Croatia, Hungary, and Romania. Records exist of the migration of Italian residents into Hungary and other parts of Eastern Europe in the 1700s and 1800s due to economic instability in the region. It is likely that the Cornaro name dispersed to other regions during this period, though records are scant.

Due to immigration, the Cornaro last name is now most common in America. The number of Cornaro immigrants increased from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, mostly from Italy, though some also came from Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Nowadays, significant concentrations of those bearing the Cornaro name can be found in New York City, California, Florida, Texas, and elsewhere in the United States.

Variations of the surname Cornaro

The surname Cornaro is derived from the name of the long-established noble Italian family, the House of Coronaro or Cornaroli. The surname first appears in written records in the late 14th century, when Antonio Cornarolo was serving as a cardinal in Rome. The surname Cornaro is also written in various other forms, including Cornaroli, Cornarola, Cornarone, and Cornarino, all stemming from the Italian noun "corna," which means horns.

The variants and spellings of the surname that are most commonly used in Italy, particularly in the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions, are Cornaro and Cornaroli. However, there are also some less common variations, such as Cornaro di Sabbioncello, Cornarone, and Cornarino. Additionally, in the Calabria region, there is the slightly different spelling of Cornarleo.

The variations of this surname can also be found in other countries. For example, the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the name are Coronado or Coronari. Additionally, in the United States, the surname is sometimes written as Cornarone, Cornorone, or Coronaro.

In conclusion, there are various different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Cornaro, depending on the region. However, the most common variants and spellings of this surname are Cornaro and Cornaroli.

Famous people with the name Cornaro

  • Giacomo Cornaro: Italian nobleman and statesman in the Republic of Venice from the 17th century
  • Sebastiano Veniero Cornaro: 17th-century Venetian nobleman and politician
  • Marco Cornaro: 66th Doge of Venice from 1623-1624
  • Marco Cornaro: Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and the Bishop of Padua in the 17th century
  • Girolamo Cornaro: 17th-century Venetian scientist and philosopher
  • Catarina Cornaro: Queen of Cyprus from 1474 to 1489
  • Federica Cornaro: 18th-century Italian noblewoman
  • Caterina Cornaro-Fiaschi: 18th-century Venetian dramatist
  • Lorenzo da Corono: 15th-century painter from Venice
  • Marino Cornaro: 16th-century Venetian lawyer and humanist

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