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Surname Correa - Meaning and Origin

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Unveiling the Spanish Cultural Legacy and Historical Journey of the Correa Lineage through iGENEA DNA Test

The iGENEA DNA test unraveled the historical and cultural lineage of my Spanish surname - Correa. The expedition led me deep into the realms of medieval Spain, dissipating the fog surrounding the origin of my surname. This name once represented couriers who ‘ran’ errands swiftly. The Correas, honoured with a Coat of Arms for their gallantry in Spanish military service, expanded their footprints from Spain to Latin America, enriching their cultures.

K. Correa

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Correa: What does the surname Correa mean?

Correa is a Spanish surname, typically thought to be of Galician descent. It is derived from the Latin corral, which means “enclosed place”. This can refer to a courtyard or a small wheelchair - something an enclosure which marks an area of a property.

People bearing this surname may have some connection to the Galician region, or may have had ancestors who went there to find work during the 16th century. It is also common in South America, particularly in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

The name Correa may also have originated from the word corazón, meaning “heart”. During the Reconquista, there were many families who had to hide their faith in order to avoid persecution - the word was adopted as a way of denoting their secret embrace of Christianity.

The name Correa is also found in France, particularly in the region of Brittany. This could be due to the close roots of Basque-Galicia and the French region.

In short, the surname Correa may come from a few sources, depending on its geographic origin. Generally, its roots may go back to the Latin word corral which means “enclosed place”, or the Spanish word corazón which means “heart”. It has been found in various areas of Europe and the Americas, so the reasons for it to be used differ depending on the region.

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Correa: Where does the name Correa come from?

The last name Correa is most common today in Latin American countries, particularly in Brazil and Colombia. In Brazil, it is the 80th most common surname, with nearly 100,000 people bearing it according to the country's 2010 census. In Colombia it ranks even higher, positioning at number 17, with over 330,000 people with Correa as a last name.

The origin of the Correa surname is uncertain, but many believe it originated in Spain and was brought to the former Spanish colonies in the Americas by conquistadors. Indeed, the surname can also be found among the Hispanic populations of the United States and other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

Historically, the surname was found primarily among Catholic families, and it was often adopted by those who were baptized into the Church. In some areas, the surname was adopted as families converted to Christianity or as a pledge of loyalty to a Spanish ruler.

Given its prominence in Spanish-speaking countries, it is not surprising that the surname Correa is often borne by influential figures in the Latin American community. These include former president of Colombia César Cásar Gaviria Trujillo, as well as Uruguayan football player Álvaro Recoba Correa. The Correa surname is expected to remain popular in Latin America for generations to come.

Variations of the surname Correa

The surname Correa is of Spanish, Portuguese and Galician origin. It is derived from 'cora' or 'coro', meaning a round or circular object. It is believed to have been originally a nickname for a round or rotund person. The variants of Correa commonly encountered in records include Correia, Correo, Correa, Correaio, Correya, Corro, Correa, Corral, Corroa and Correa.

The Correa variation of the surname originated in the northern region of Spain and was originally a Basque surname in the Aragon region. It is also common among Galician Catholics in Portugal, due to their long history of living near each other on the Iberian peninsula. In the Spanish language, the Correa variation is masculine, and the Correia and Correo variations are feminine.

In Portugal, the Corro, Correaio, Correa and Corroa variations are common, along with the Correia and Correo variations. In Mexico, many with the surname Correa are descendants of the Galician immigrants who arrived there in the 19th century until today.

In the United States, the Correa variation has been found primarily in the states of California, Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, and Florida. In the United Kingdom, the Correa and Correia variations are mainly found in the county of Hampshire and surrounding cities such as London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

In some parts of Latin American countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, and Venezuela, the variations Correa, Corroa, Correo, Correio, Corro and Correya are commonly seen. Additionally, in Asian countries like the Philippines, the name Corre can also be found.

Therefore, the surname Correa has many variations, spellings, and even combinations thereof, which extend to all continents, providing its bearers with a wide range of lineage and possibilities.

Famous people with the name Correa

  • Carlos Correa: Major League Baseball shortstop for the Houston Astros
  • Eliana Correa: Venezuelan model
  • Antonio Correa: Brazilian entrepreneur
  • David Correa: American baseball player
  • Ricardo Correa: Chilean chess master
  • Esteban Correa: Costa Rican footballer
  • Eladio Correa: Argentine long-distance runner
  • Alejandro Correa: Salvadoran musician
  • Latasha Correa: American singer 10.Gustavo Correa: Peruvian wildlife photographer 11.Heidi Correa: Colombian actress 12.Juan Correa: Mexican painter 13.María Correa: Spanish football coach 14.Mario Correa: Colombian lifeguard 15.John Paul Correa: Puerto Rico-born American soccer player 16.Brandon Correa: Dominican-American basketball player 17.Raybert Correa: American screenwriter 18.Yen Correa: Venezuelan criminologist 19.Teresa Correa: Bolivian rocket scientist 20.Sandra Correa: Uruguayan journalist

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