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A Familial Journey: Understanding the 'Cortez' Surname through an iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Cortez

My iGENEA DNA test results profoundly altered my personal understanding of my family identity and surname, 'Cortez'. Instead of adhering to a stereotypical Spanish heritage, I discovered a complex and diverse genetic past that includes North African and Native American roots, offering a refreshing perspective on my familial ties.

Taking an iGENEA DNA test was a significant personal journey for me. The results directly impacted my perception of my family identity, notably my surname, Cortez, forging a new understanding of who I am and where I come from.

Before the test, my knowledge of the name Cortez was limited to family lore and historical records. These stories painted a picture of a lineage that traced back to Spain, with tales of valour and conquest woven intricately within it. I always assumed we held a strong Spanish heritage, given that ‘Cortez’ is undoubtedly of Spanish origin.

However, the iGENEA DNA test has transformed my naive, predetermined narrative into a rich, multi-layered, factual understanding of my ancestry. Instead of simply being the bearers of a Spanish surname, I've discovered that our ‘Cortez’ lineage has a much deeper and diverse history than I ever imagined.

Unexpectedly, my DNA shows traces of North African roots. The test helped explain the regular occurrence of dark complexions and distinctive facial features in my bloodline, elements often considered uncharacteristic for a typical Spanish lineage. These previously unexplainable traits suddenly gained a significance intertwined with ancient migration, assimilation, and cultural blending.

Additionally, the test results revealed a significant percentage of Native American DNA, further complicating the imagined narrative of my ancestry. This unexpected element introduced a whole new chapter to my family’s history, subtly pointing out that our centuries-old narrative of pure Spanish lineage was likely distorted through time.

Ultimately, the iGENEA DNA test has made me see our surname, Cortez, in a new light, not merely as a label, but as a testament to an intricate mosaic of ethnicities. It made me realize that identity isn't monolithically about the name you carry, but about the diverse web of ancestral connections that it represents.

V. Cortez

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