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Surname Cortner - Meaning and Origin

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Cortner: What does the surname Cortner mean?

The surname Cortner is of German origin. It was originally derived from the word "Kurz" which could translate as "short" or "small". The addition of "ner" often suggested the profession or location associated with the person. Hence, the name Cortner could refer to a short person or someone who worked in a specific occupation or lived in a particular area related to 'short' or 'small'. Over time, as surnames became hereditary, the specific occupational or locational significance might have been lost. Today, the surname Cortner is spread across many countries and regions, its meaning could be different according to its regional and linguistic contexts. It is important to note that surname meanings can have many interpretations and might not provide specific information about an individual who bears it.

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Cortner: Where does the name Cortner come from?

The surname Cortner is thought to have German origins, derived from the Middle High German surname "Koertner". It likely comes from the occupation of a grower or seller of oats, similar to how Miller is from the occupation of a miller, or someone who grinds grain.

The surname gained prominence in the United States in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey where many immigrants of German origin settled during the late 17th and 18th centuries. While the name is predominantly found in the United States, it is also common in parts of Canada and the United Kingdom today. However, the presence of the Cortner surname remains the most prevalent in the U.S., particularly in the Tennessee and California regions. Early records in Europe trace the Cortner surname to the city of Isny in south Germany during the 1500's.

Variations of the surname Cortner

The surname Cortner is of German origin. Some variations and similar spellings of this surname include Cortinar, Cortinaro, Kortner, Cortney, Kortny, Cotner, and Koertner. Other spellings might include shortened forms of the name such as Cort, Cortn, Cortne, and might also include misspellings that arise from phonetic equivalences, such as Cortnar, Kortnar, and Courtner.

The name likely derived from a profession, so other surnames with the same origin might include other profession-based names from the same region. These could include Becker (baker), Schmitt (smith), or Müller (miller). These wouldn't be variants or different spellings of Cortner per se, but rather other surnames that share the same root in profession-based German surnames.

The surname could also be found in different forms in various countries according to their language and pronunciation. For example, in countries where English is spoken, it could be found as Courtner, Coutner or Cartner. Please note that these are assumptions based on the possibilities and might not hold true in all cases.

Famous people with the name Cortner

There doesn't appear to be any globally recognized famous individuals with the last name "Cortner". Whether the focus is on industries like entertainment, politics, sports, literature, or others, globally known figures with the last name "Cortner" are not a common find. There may be professionals or local personalities with the last name, but their fame is not widespread enough for global recognition. However, it's essential to note that fame and recognition can be subjective, and someone may be well-known within specific communities.

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