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Surname Coverdal - Meaning and Origin

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Coverdal: What does the surname Coverdal mean?

The last name Coverdal is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is a locational surname derived from the area in England known as Coverdale. This area is situated on the southern side of the Pennines, close to the Yorkshire Dales National Park, though the surname itself may have referred to someone who had left there to settle elsewhere.

The surname Coverdal can also mean 'he of the coves', referring to one who lived near a cove or an inlet. An individual with this surname may have come from a family that lived in the area for generations, or someone who had embraced the name after a move to a new area. In any case, the last name itself reflects a sense of belonging and provides clues to the Thomas Coverdal's possible origins and family history.

The Coverdal family name has been linked with Yorkshire since at least the 1400s and it is likely that an ancestor of Thomas Coverdal had actively participated in the life of the region; possibly through trade or farming. The family name, ‘Coverdal’, has continued to be linked to Yorkshire for centuries and it still features prominently in the region today.

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Coverdal: Where does the name Coverdal come from?

The surname Coverdal is commonly found in a number of countries around the world, mainly in the United States, Australia, and Canada. It is also present in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and other nations in Europe.

The United States has the highest concentration of Coverdal families, with most of them being located in the Midwestern, Northeastern, and Southern regions. There are a few families in Central and Western states as well.

In Canada, the Coverdal family is found mainly in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, though there are some in other provinces.

In Australia, Coverdals are mainly found in New South Wales and Victoria, as well as in smaller numbers in Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

The Coverdal family is also found in a few countries across Europe, including France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Malta. They are also found in small numbers in the United Kingdom, mainly in England.

In summary, the Coverdal family is most common in the United States, Australia, Canada, and several countries in Europe. In the US they are mainly found in the Midwestern, Northeastern, and Southern states, while in Canada they are mostly located in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. They are also present, to a lesser extent, in some other countries as well.

Variations of the surname Coverdal

Coverdal is a surname of Old English origin, believed to have been derived from the place name ‘Coveardale’ in the county of Northumberland. It is thought that this place name may have been derived from the Old English words ‘coufe’, meaning ‘hidden’ or ‘protected’, and ‘dael’, meaning ‘valley’.

The various variant and alternative spellings of the Coverdal surname, commonly found in records, are Coverdale, Cooverdale, Coverdall, Coverdill, Coverdill and Coverdale.

Surnames with a similar origin may include Covell, Covill, Covel, Coverly, Caufield, Cowfield and Cowful.

The Coverdale surname is quite a rare name and is especially predominant in the north-east region of England, particularly in the historic county of Northumberland, where it is thought to have originated. According to surname directory websites, records show that it is among some of the less common surnames of recent times and can be found in the United States, Ireland, Scotland and Australia.

One notable example of this name is Thomas Coverdale, who is remembered as the first translator of the Bible into English in 1535.

Famous people with the name Coverdal

  • John Coverdale: British actor, featured in the Harry Potter films
  • Jim Coverdale: Canadian ice hockey player
  • Roger Coverdale: British journalist and author
  • Jessica Coverdale: Australian actress and model
  • Jennifer Coverdale: Canadian stuntwoman
  • Carolyn Coverdale: British author
  • Chrissy Coverdale: American artist
  • Cynthia Coverdale: American conservationist
  • Jodie Coverdale: Australian wildlife photographer
  • Dave Coverdale: English musician and singer-songwriter, founder of rock band Whitesnake

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