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Surname Crace - Meaning and Origin

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Crace: What does the surname Crace mean?

The surname Crace is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is believed to be a locational name derived from a place in Northumberland called 'Craes'. In Old English, 'Craes' means 'crows' and was often given to areas inhabited by these birds. So, an individual with the last name Crace may have had ancestors who lived in or near such a locale. Variations of the name include Craze and Crase. In some cases, Crace may also be an altered form of the name Grace. Remember that surname meanings can be somewhat speculative since they often originated centuries ago and could have different interpretations.

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Crace: Where does the name Crace come from?

The surname Crace is believed to have originated from England. It likely comes from the Old English word "cærse," meaning "cress," and originated as a metonymic occupational name for someone who cultivated or sold this water plant. Alternatively, it may be a locational name from an unknown place possibly called something like "Cærse."

Crace is not a very common surname overall, but it tends to be more frequently found in English-speaking countries. Today, it's relatively common in the United States, England, and Australia. In the UK, historical records suggest concentration in the regions of Northumberland and London. Some well-known bearers of the name include UK author Jim Crace and Australian politician James Crace, for whom the suburb of Crace in Canberra, Australia, is named. Despite these notable figures, the surname Crace is still relatively rare worldwide.

Variations of the surname Crace

The surname Crace could potentially have a few different origins, leading to several variants of spelling. It might originate from the French surname "Grace", which was Anglicized to "Grace" or "Grace" in England and America. In this line, possible derivatives include "Gracey", "Gracy", or "Gracie".

Crace could also be a variant of the German surname "Krause" or "Krase", which underwent anglicization when German immigrants traveled to English-speaking countries. Variations may include "Krass", "Kraus", "Krauss", or "Krause".

The Irish surname "Creagh" could be another possible origin, which can also be spelt as "Creach", "Crioch", "Craig", "Creigh", or "Creag".

Another origin could be the English place-name "Crase", in Cornwall. Forms include "Crase", "Crease", "Creese", "Creas", or "Crese".

Please note that the surname’s origin could significantly influence the likely variants. An individual’s geographical location, history, and specific family lineage may also influence the spelling and form of the surname. Hence, tracing back family history and using genealogical resources are generally recommended for the most accurate results.

Famous people with the name Crace

  • Jim Crace: An award-winning British novelist, some of his notable works include "Birds Without Wings", "The Gift of Stones", and "Being Dead". Jim has received the Whitbread Novel Award and the U.S. National Book Critics Circle Award.
  • John Crace: A UK Guardian journalist known for his Digested Read feature.
  • Luke Crace: A renowned Australian rugby player.
  • Edward Crace: A famous 19th-century British interior decorator who worked extensively for the British royal family. His work included the interior decoration of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.
  • John Dibblee Crace: A British interior decorator, son of Edward Crace, known for his work on the National Gallery in London. It should be noted that information and contributions of some persons with the last name Crace may be scarce due to the uniqueness of the surname.

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