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Surname Creel - Meaning and Origin

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C. Creel

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Creel: What does the surname Creel mean?

The last name Creel is of Scottish and Northern Irish origin, derived from the term 'Creel', which is a type of wicker basket used for carrying fish. Therefore, the name might have originally been given to people who made these kinds of baskets or perhaps to fishermen who used them. The term ‘Creel’ is also used throughout Scotland to refer to a variety of basket and is a common name for an object used in weaving to hold bobbins, devices that hold the thread. So, someone carrying this surname could also be linked to weaving. Like many surnames, Creel would have begun as a nickname or job description to distinguish between people with the same first name in a region. These types of surnames are known as occupational surnames. It’s important to note that the specific meaning can also differ based on geographical location and evolution over time. The spelling of the surname can also vary, with some variations including Creal, Creel, Creale, and Creele.

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Creel: Where does the name Creel come from?

The last name Creel is of Old Norse origin, deriving from the personal name "Ketill" or "Kjartan." It was brought to England in the 8th and 9th century during the Viking invasions. Over time, it evolved into various forms including Catterall, Caterall, Ketteral, and Creel.

Creel is also a topographic name, common in Northern England and Scotland, for someone who lived near a stream. It comes from the Middle English term "creel," which means a weaving instrument or a basket for carrying fish, indicating an occupational origin for those involved in fishing or weaving.

Another possibility is that Creel is of French origin, more specifically from the Normandy region where it may have originally been spelled as "Criel."

Today, the surname Creel still has a noticeable presence in the United Kingdom, particularly in England and Scotland. Outside the United Kingdom, it has been spread by emigration to countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, among others. In the United States, the name is quite widespread but more heavily concentrated in southern states such as Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Variations of the surname Creel

The surname Creel is of Scottish origin, and is well-presented in Scottish history. It was first found in the County of Perthshire which became a part of the centralized Kingdom of Scotland from the 11th century.

The Creel surname has several different spellings, including Criel, Criell, Crele, Creill, and Creal. In Scotland, it also used to appear as MacCreel, which is the Gaelic form of the name, meaning "son of Creel".

The Creel name is also recognized in England and it has variants like Creal, Crell, and Kriell. However, these names are relatively rare in comparison to its Scottish counterparts.

Another variation of the name appears in Germany as Kriel. In the Netherlands, it can sometimes be found as Criel, Krielen, or Van Krielen.

In the United States, Creel can also be found as a variant of McCrillis, which is Scottish in origin.

While many of these variations are more common than others, they all originate from the same root of the surname Creel. Changing spellings of one's name was a common occurrence as the scribes in the ancient times spelled names according to the way they were phonetically heard.

Famous people with the name Creel

  • Gavin Creel: An American actor, singer, and songwriter, best known for his work in Broadway and West End musicals.
  • Panchito Gómez: Born Francisco Gómez Creel, he is a Mexican-American actor known for his roles in Hollywood films and TV shows.
  • Elsa Creel: A French actress who starred in several movies during 1980s.
  • Dixon Creel: A South African cricketer who played in the 1960s.
  • George B. Creel: An investigative journalist, politician and government official, known for heading U.S. Committee on Public Information during World War I.
  • Jennifer Creel: An American socialite and fashion designer.
  • John Creel: A former U.S. National Champion in cycling and three-time Olympic cyclist.
  • Kara Lindsay: Born Kara Lindsay Creel, she is an American actress who has performed as Glinda in the Broadway production of Wicked.
  • Michael Creel: An American business executive and former CEO of Enterprise Products.
  • Rene Creel: The former lead vocalist of the Spanish pop band, Parchís. Please note that while some people might use "Creel" as part of their professional name, it might not be their real last name.

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