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Surname Croasdall - Meaning and Origin

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Croasdall: What does the surname Croasdall mean?

The last name Croasdall is an English surname that has many different origins. It is believed to be a topographic surname, derived from the Old English word “cro(s),” meaning cross. This described someone who lived near a crossroads or boundary crossing. There is also a possibility that it came from a place name such as Crossdale in Cheshire, England, which is derived from the Old English words “croh” and “dael.” In this case, the meaning would be “croh” meaning a granite boulder, and “dael” meaning a valley.

Another origin of the last name Croasdall is from a combination of two Old English words, “croh” meaning a boulder, and “gescale” meaning a shelter of some kind. In this instance, Croasdall would have a meaning of sheltered by a boulder. Finally, the last name could be derived from a shortened form of a personal name such as the Middle English “Cro(s)ey” which means someone who lived near a cross.

The surname Croasdall is not as common as it used to be, however, variations of the name can still be found in modern-day England. Croasdalls living in England today can trace their roots back to these various sources. The Croasdall name is also a reminder of the family’s centuries-old history and the many places in England and beyond where their ancestors called home.

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Croasdall: Where does the name Croasdall come from?

The last name Croasdall is a relatively rare surname, found primarily in the United States of America. According to records, the three most prevalent states of residence for those with the surname are Iowa, California and Pennsylvania.

Research also suggests that the family name was first found in the United States. During the nineteenth century, many immigrants from England, Ireland, Germany, and other European countries arrived on American soil, hoping to discover riches and a better life. As these immigrants moved Westward, names like Croasdall began to show up in the western states.

According to a census of the US in 2020, there were 648 people with the last name Croasdall in the USA. Of those, the largest group of 294 people lived in California. The next greatest population was in Pennsylvania, followed by Iowa, Michigan and Missouri. There are other states with a presence of Croasdalls, including Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas.

Today, the Croasdall name is still prevalent mainly in the western United States. In Iowa, the majority of Croasdalls live in counties such as Scott, Linn and Muscatine. In California, Croasdalls live mainly in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino and Kern counties. Other areas in which they are present include Pennsylvania, where the population is concentrated in Montgomery and Berks counties; Florida, with a presence in St. Lucie and Indian River Counties; and Wisconsin, with Racine County being the main area of residence.

In summary, the surname Croasdall is most commonly found in the western United States, particularly California, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan and Missouri. It is also present in other states such as Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas.

Variations of the surname Croasdall

The surname Croasdall is most commonly seen spelled as Croasdale, Crosdall, Crossdale, Crosdale, and Crosdale. It is a name of English origins, and is derived from either "Cros Dall" (Cross Dale) or "Crwys" (a Welsh personal name meaning "cross").

Crosdall is the most commonly used spelling variant of this surname, and there are a variety of slightly different spellings. It can be found with various prefixes, such as MacCrosdall, McCrosdall, Fitchett-Crosdall, and Stott-Crosdall. The surname is also frequently found in different forms, such as Crosdale, Crossdall, and Croisdall.

The surname Croasdall has various regional spellings throughout Scotland, such as Crosdaill, Crossdail, Crosdil, and Crosdill. It has also been recorded in various forms in England, including Crossdil, Croisdall, and Croisdail. In Ireland, variants of the surname include Crosdale, Crishdale, and Crissdall.

The earliest known records of this surname in England date to the 13th century, when it was recorded as "Gill" and "Geoffry le Crosdel" in the Pipe Rolls of Lincolnshire. It is also found in the Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire in 1379, where it was spelled as "Thomas Crosdail". In Scotland, early records of the surname include "Gilbert de Crosdall" in the Records of Northamptonshire in 1296, and "John Crosdall" in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland in 1403.

Overall, the surname Croasdall has a wide variety of spellings, regional variants, and prefixes. Its origins trace back to various places in the United Kingdom, and it has been used as a way to identify people since the 13th century.

Famous people with the name Croasdall

  • Hailee Croasdall: American actress best known for her roles in the films Tomorrow You're Gone, The Boy Who Could Fly, and Year by the Sea.
  • Brooke Croasdall: American painter, sculptor, and poet whose works explore themes of identity, feminism, and race.
  • Chris Croasdall: American football player who earned All-Big Ten honors while playing college football at Illinois.
  • Paul Croasdall: British businessman who is renowned as the driving force behind the creation of the world’s first modern factory.
  • Mark Croasdall: British actor of stage and screen who has starred in a range of popular television shows such as Midsomer Murders and The Bill.
  • Stanley Croasdall: American professional baseball player who played in the minor leagues from 1947 to 1955.
  • Stephen Croasdall: English cricketer who was part of the Durham County Cricket Club in the early 2000s.
  • Jason Croasdall: American visual effects artist who has worked on projects such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Hunger Games, and Avatar.
  • Ryan Croasdall: American racecar driver and NASCAR champion who has won multiple championships in the Nationwide Series.
  • Charles Croasdall: British neurologist and founding member of The Royal College of Physicians who has written widely on neurological disorders.

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