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Surname Cromartie - Meaning and Origin

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Cromartie: What does the surname Cromartie mean?

Cromartie is a Scottish surname believed to be derived from the place name Cromarty, a town in the Scottish Highlands. The name "Cromarty" itself is thought to be of Gaelic origin, meaning "bend of the marsh" or "bend of the bay".

Therefore, the surname Cromartie may signify a geographic origin, indicating that the initial bearers hailed from the region of Cromarty.

Like many surnames, Cromartie may have evolved in spelling and pronunciation over the centuries and its variations may include Cromarty, Cromertie, and others. Carrying this name could signify ancestral ties to Scotland, particularly to the northeastern highland region.

Notable people with the last name Cromartie include professional American football player Antonio Cromartie and Canadian politician John Cromartie. However, it's important to note that an individual's last name doesn't necessarily indicate their current lineage or nationality, as surnames can be changed, adopted or passed down through various cultural and historical circumstances.

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Cromartie: Where does the name Cromartie come from?

The last name Cromartie is most commonly found in the United States, with the majority of those recorded in census data living in the states of North and South Carolina. Outside the US, it can also be found in Jamaica, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands.

The name originated in Scotland, around the town name Cromarty in the county of Ross-shire. The name was first used by the cradle of the similarity between the name Cromarty and that of the newly assumed Cromartie family.

In the 1880 US census, out of seventeen recorded users of the name, nine lived in North Carolina and eight lives in South Carolina. The oldest user expressed in that census, was an 82-year-old man named John Cromartie who lived in South Carolina. By the end of the 20th century the number recorded had grown to over 200 people, the majority living in North and South Carolina.

Today, the Cromartie family can still be found in the United States, although there is a definite concentration in the states of North and South Carolina. The family name is particularly popular amongst black Americans. The name is also common in Jamaica, where it has been present since the 18th century.

Variations of the surname Cromartie

The surname Cromartie is a common variant of numerous names with similar pronunciations. Spellings can vary and surname variations can range from Cromarty, Cromerty, Cromertie, Cromartey, Cromatie, Cromertye, and Crometrty. In some cases, the name is thought to have derived from the Scots Gaelic name MacGillechriosd.

Variations of the spelling Cromartie may include Germartie, Germcartie, Gormarte, Gormartey, Gormagey, McCromette, McGeormet, McGermet, and MacGygerty.

In Scotland, a common variant is spelled MacCormick, and was most likely derived from the Gaelic MacGillechriosd. It is believed that bearers of the surname Cromartie likely shared a common ancestor who lived in the coastal regions of Scotland.

In some instances, Cromartie can be a shortened version of MacCormack, and may appear as McCormack. Additionally, the surname can be written as Carnarty, Comertie, Cormontey, Cormontie, Cormore, Cronarty, and Cronartie.

In other cases, Cromartie may be a modernized version of the surname Crosby, which can also appear as Crosbie or Crosb, all which are derived from the Old Norse “Kross-by”. In Gaelic, this could mean “cross town”.

Regardless of the spelling, Cromartie means “son of the curved or humped Hill”. The roots of this surname likely go back to ancient times. It is likely that the first bearers of the Cromatie surname lived in either Sutherland, Scotland, or in counties Cork, Ireland and Donegal, Ireland.

Famous people with the name Cromartie

  • Antonio Cromartie: Retired NFL Cornerback
  • Leon Croamartie: NFL Award-Winning fire chief
  • Trey Cromartie: NFL Linebacker
  • Namir Cromartie: NFL Safety
  • Spencer Cromartie: NFL Cornerback
  • Rashaan Cromartie: Pro Cyclist
  • Tommy Cromartie: NFL Cornerback
  • Earnest Cromartie III: NFL Linebacker
  • Ian Cromartie: NFL Linebacker
  • Mike Cromartie: NFL Defensive Linebacker
  • Tom Cromartie: NFL Coach
  • Willie Cromartie: NASCAR Driver
  • Jeremy Cromartie: NFL Offensive Tackle
  • Wallace Cromartie: Actor and Producer
  • Edward Cromartie: Attorney and Entrepreneur

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