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Surname Cyr - Meaning and Origin

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F. Cyr

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Cyr: What does the surname Cyr mean?

The last name 'Cyr' is of French origin, derived from the Latin term "sire," which means "lord". It was often used as a respectful title in medieval times and in this context, it was used as a nickname for someone who acted in a lordly manner or someone who had played the part of a lord in a pageant or a play. It can also be related to the French word "ciere", denoting wax and used to indicate a candle maker. Another possible source may be the given name derived from Saint Cyr, a 4th-century martyr in Tarsus. Therefore, the surname 'Cyr' could denote 'lord', 'candle maker', or could be a patronym derived from a person named Cyr. This surname is common in Canadian and French-American communities.

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Cyr: Where does the name Cyr come from?

The last name Cyr is most commonly found in French-speaking countries today. In France, it is the 574th most common surname, with over 22,000 members of the population having the surname. It is also popular in other French-speaking countries, such as Canada and Belgium.

In Canada, the Cyr surname is the 697th most common last name, with over 8,000 individuals having the surname. It is one of the more popular French surnames in Canada, although it is not as common as names such as Tremblay and Gagnon.

In Belgium, Cyr is the 871st most common last name, with over 5,000 people having the surname. It is one of the more popular French surnames in Belgium, although it is not as common as names such as Bourgeois and Souris.

The Cyr surname can also be found in English-speaking nations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the surname is the 7,195th most common last name, with nearly 5,000 people having the surname. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, Cyr is the number 6,514th most common last name, with an estimated 1,000 individuals having the surname.

Overall, the last name Cyr is most commonly found in French-speaking countries today, such as France, Canada, and Belgium. Although it can also be found in English-speaking nations, it is much less common there.

Variations of the surname Cyr

The surname Cyr is an anglicized version or spelling of the surname of French origin, "Cyr," which is derived from a Latin surname, "Cyrus." Additionally, it can also be spelt as "Syre," "Cyre" or "Cires."

Variations of Cyr surname include Zoroaster Cyres, Cyra, Cyre, Ciures, Kires, Kyr, Kyrse, Ziere, Zir, Ziro, Syrs, Seers and Zyre.

Other variants of Cyr may include Kirs, Cyres, Kyrs, Syres and Cirs. The Cyres spelling is more commonly found in the United States, with the Cyr spelling more commonly found in France.

The surname Cyr is a patronymic surname, which is derived from the male given name Cyrus. Patronymic surnames are comprised of family names derived from or based on the given name of a father or ancestor. In some instances, Cyr may also be an occupational surname, related to the occupation of being a clergyman or belonging to the clergy. The surname is also associated with the Germanic word "Kris" which means "king" or "ruler."

Cyrus is also found in derivative surnames: Cyruss, Kyrrus, Cirus, Cyriac, Kyriacou and Kyrious. Other names based on the same root include "Cyriakos," "Kyriakos," "Cyrillus," "Kyrielle," "Cirilla" and "Crispin."

Many Cyr families can be found in the United States, Canada, as well as in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Switzerland. The Cyr family is believed to have originated in the Rhone Valley in France.

Famous people with the name Cyr

  • John Cyr: actor, writer, and comedian
  • Janae Cyr: runner and daughter of former NHL player Yanic Cyr
  • Yanic Cyr: former NHL player
  • Emmanuel Cyr: Canadian actor
  • Denis Cyr: Canadian ice hockey coach
  • Justin Cyr: Canadian ice hockey player
  • Sandy Cyr: Canadian actress
  • Chantal Cyr: Canadian singer
  • Matthew Cyr: Australian actor
  • Luc Cyr: Canadian actor

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