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Surname D'Agostini - Meaning and Origin

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D'Agostini: What does the surname D'Agostini mean?

The last name D'Agostini is an Italian surname derived from the Latin word 'agustinus', which translates to "August". It originated as a nickname for a person born in the eighth month of the year or during the time of Augustus, the first Emperor of the Roman Empire. This name is most commonly found in the regions of northern Italy, during the 13th century.

The D'Agostinis were originally seen as a proud and prosperous family of merchants, landowners, landowners and soldiers. After migrating from their ancestral homeland of northern Italy, this family established themselves in various regions throughout the region, such as Sicily. Although it is believed that the surname was derived from the Latin word, there are other theories that suggest it might have originated from Germanic words such as 'gaston' which also means "August".

Throughout the centuries, the D'Agostinis flourished, becoming an influential and well-respected family, with branches found all over Italy and other parts of Europe. This was especially true during the Renaissance period, where various members of the family became highly successful in areas such as commerce and business. In the United States, this surname can mostly be found amongst the descendants of Italian-American immigrants.

The D'Agostini family is deeply rooted in Italian culture, with strong values and traditions that span centuries. The name is a testament to the family's devotion, strength and perseverance, and is a source of great pride for those who bear it.

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D'Agostini: Where does the name D'Agostini come from?

The last name D'Agostini is a common Italian surname that can today be found in many countries around the world, especially in areas with a significant Italian diaspora presence. In Italy in particular, the name can still be found in high concentrations in the south of the country in the Lazio, Campania, Abruzzo and Molise regions.

In other countries, the surname is more widely spread, but where it can be found in larger numbers includes Canada – especially in the regions of Ontario and Quebec, the United States – especially in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, and Argentina – particularly in the large cities like Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

The name is still popular in some parts of Italy, and due to the large Italian population present in many parts of the world, it has spread globally and can now be found in many countries. It is a relatively common surname, and people with this name have in the past come from middle-class Italian families, although today it is far more of a mix of people from all different backgrounds.

Variations of the surname D'Agostini

The surname D'Agostini is of Italian origin, and is also known under its various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

Variants of D'Agostini include: D'Agostino, D'Agostine, Agostini, Agostino, Agostini, D'Agostinis. These variants are derived from the original Italian form of the surname, D'Agostini.

Spellings of the surname D'Agostini include: D'Agostini, D’Agostini, D’Agostinis.

Those belonging to the D'Agostini family may also be related to other surnames stemming from the same root, such as: D’Agata, D’Agostini, D’Aguzzi, D’Orazio, D’Egidio, D’Oro, De Agostini, Degostini, Degostano, Agostinone, Degostinone, Mouthon, Shelby and Agustin.

The Italian surname D'Agostini may also be found in other countries as D'Agostini is known to be an Italian name although, it is commonly seen in other countries with global migration.

In Portugal, the name is written as D'Agostinho, D'Agostim, D'Agostón, and Agostim. In Germany, the name is written as D’Agostino, De Agostino, and Degustino. In Latvia, the surname D'Agostini is written as Dagostins. In South America, it is seen as Agustin and D’Agostino. In France, it is written as D'Agostin, Agostin and Agostinault. In Poland, the surname is written as D’Agostini, and in Russia, it is written as Dagostino.

In England and Wales, D'Agostini is mainly found in Leicester, with a larger population of D'Agostini also in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Milton Keynes. Beyond England, larger populations of D'Agostini have also been recorded in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Famous people with the name D'Agostini

  • Jon D'Agostini: Canadian professional hockey player
  • Riccardo D'Agostini: Italian former competitive figure skater
  • Julian D'Agostini: Argentinian footballer
  • Oliver D'Agostini: Bahamian Olympic swimmer
  • Anthony D'Agostini: Canadian lawyer, politician, and newspaper editor
  • Jose D'Agostini: Brazilian footballer
  • Lucy D'Agostini: Italian singer and contestant on the Italian singing competition program X Factor
  • Marco D'Agostini: Italian painter and sculptor
  • Rebecca D'Agostini: Canadian singer and actor
  • Roberto D'Agostini: Italian journalist, poet, and novelist

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