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Surname D'Ambrosia - Meaning and Origin

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D'Ambrosia: What does the surname D'Ambrosia mean?

The last name D'Ambrosia is derived from the Italian word “ambrosia,” which means “sweet-smelling food” or “deliciousness.” The name likely originated as an occupational name for someone who worked in the food industry, a baker of aromatic pastries and cakes, for example.

The D'Ambrosia name can also be descriptive of the person's character or physical appearance. In Italian culture, the name D'Ambrosia can be seen as a term of endearment, a way of paying tribute to someone's intelligence, attractiveness, or charm.

The most popular version of the surname D'Ambrosia is believed to have originated from the cities of Naples and Rome, and spread all over Italy and throughout the rest of the world. Today, the surname can be found in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and South America.

The name D'Ambrosia has become quite popular, and has a significant presence in the United States. It is a surname that reflects the culture of Italy, and feels foreign and mysterious to those outside of that culture. It is often seen as a term of endearment, a sweet description of someone’s character and beauty.

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D'Ambrosia: Where does the name D'Ambrosia come from?

The last name D'Ambrosia is an Italian surname that is most commonly found today in the southern regions of Italy, notably in the provinces of Calabria and Campania. D'Ambrosia is an old Italian surname, likely derived from the Latin word Ambrosius, which means divine, and is also the root word of the name Ambrose.

In the United States, the last name D'Ambrosia is concentrated in the state of New Jersey, in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, where Italian immigrants first began to settle in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. According to the 2010 United States Census, there are more than 2,000 Americans with the surname D'Ambrosia, most of whom are of Italian descent. There are also smaller numbers of D'Ambrosia living in other states such as Florida, New York, and California.

Back in Italy, the last name D'Ambrosia continues to thrive. While the past few decades have seen significant emigration out of Italy due to economic issues, the last name D'Ambrosia persists, especially in the south of the country. It is estimated that there are several thousand individuals living in Italy with the surname D'Ambrosia, often clustered in small towns or villages.

The D'Ambrosia name has carried on through generations, and is an important part of Italian heritage and culture that continues today. The name and its ties to Italy can also be found in other parts of the world, with many immigrants carrying the name and their Italian identity overseas, and sharing it amongst their families and friends.

Variations of the surname D'Ambrosia

The surname D’Ambrosia, which originated as an Italian Jewish surname, typically contains many variants, spellings, and surnames, often due to its centuries of cultural migration.

Variants and Spellings

Variants of the surname D’Ambrosia include D'Ambrosio, D'Ambrosi, Di Ambrosia, Di Ambrosio, Di Ambrosi, Ambrozia, Ambrozi, Ambrozio, Ambrozi, Ambrozier, da Ambrosia, de Ambrosia, De Ambrosio, and De Ambrosi.

Surnames of the same origin

The variants of the D’Ambrosia name also form the basis for additional surnames of the same origin. These surnames include Ambros, Ambrosanus, Ambrosetti, Ambrozio, Ambrosini, Ambrosino, Ambrosone, Di Ambrosone, Ambrosini, Ambrosino, Ambrosetti, Ambrosig, Ambrosini, Ambrozio, Ambrosone, and Di Ambrosone.


The various spellings of the surname D’Ambrosia can also appear with additional letters, such as “a” or “e” to form words like “Ambrosiae” or “d’Ambrosiae.”

Grammatical Variants

The surname D’Ambrosia can also vary in terms of grammar, including the forms “D’Ambrosio” or “D’Ambrosia.”

Variants related to other languages

In addition, the surname D’Ambrosia also has variants in other languages. For instance, the French form is “D’Ambroise,” the Spanish form is “De Ambrosia,” and the Portuguese form is “De Ambrozio.”

Famous people with the name D'Ambrosia

  • Tony D'Ambrosia: Olympic weightlifter
  • Bonnie D'Ambrosio: Actor and comedian
  • Michael D'Ambrosio: professional wrestler
  • Seth D'Ambrosio: chef and author
  • David D'Ambrosio: professional boxer
  • Gino D'Ambrosio: Football player
  • Rae D'Ambrosio: Artist and Painter
  • Mike D'Ambrosia: Singer/Songwriter
  • Anthony D'Ambrosio: Motion picture production assistant
  • Scott D'Ambrosio: Associate Producer
  • Peter D'Ambrosio: Art director
  • Gene D'Ambrosio: Musician and Composer
  • Chris D'Ambrosia: Music producer and Composer
  • Dee D'Ambrosia: Musician and Singer
  • Joe D'Ambrosia: Actor
  • John D'Ambrosia: Voice artist
  • Fred D'Ambrosia: Television producer
  • John Anthony D'Ambrosia Jr.: Actor
  • Mark D'Ambrosia: Film and TV director
  • Robert D'Ambrosia: TV writer and producer

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