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Surname De Cruze - Meaning and Origin

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De Cruze: What does the surname De Cruze mean?

The surname De Cruze is of Portuguese origin and it's derived from the Portuguese term "da Cruz", which translates to "of the Cross" in English. It's commonly assumed this name was adopted by families living near a prominent cross, possibly a road marker or a religious symbol. As a locational surname, it could have also been employed by individuals who migrated and then chosen to be identified by their place of origin. In the 15th and 16th centuries, when surnames became inherited and no longer changed with each generation, many Portuguese families started using "da Cruz" or its variations like "De Cruze". It also might have been used as a reference to the Holy Cross in Christian tradition. It's important to note that not everyone with the surname De Cruze will have roots in Portugal due to the migrations and colonizations of the past centuries.

De Cruze: Where does the name De Cruze come from?

The surname De Cruze is of Spanish origin. However, it has been adapted over the years and has variations across different regions. The term ‘De Cruze’ directly translates to ‘from the cross’ in English. The name might have originated from familial ties to monastic or religious communities or may be locational, relating to a person living near a cross landmark.

Today, De Cruze isn't a common surname and doesn't appear with high frequency in any particular country. According to surname distribution data, the name is somewhat scattered around the globe, with a small number of individuals bearing this surname in countries like the US, India, and a few others. Because De Cruze is a Spanish surname, there may be some prevalence in Spanish-speaking countries or among Spanish-speaking communities in non-Spanish countries. However, it is important to note that surname distributions can change over time with shifts in immigration, population growth, cultural changes, and similar factors.

Variations of the surname De Cruze

The surname De Cruze is a rare name. It could derive from a geographical location or possibly from occupation or personal characteristics. Given its structure, it seems either French (as "de" is used in French for 'of') or possibly Spanish or Portuguese (as 'Cruze' could be an Anglicized spelling of 'Cruz' meaning 'cross').

Alternate spellings might include DeCruze, De Croze, DeCrose, De Cruz, or even D'Cruze.

Surnames from similar origin could be Cruz, Da Cruz, La Cruz, Santa Cruz, or perhaps even Cross as an English equivalent. It's also possible that the name might be connected to the surname Crucini, from the Italian 'croce' meaning cross.

Given regional variations, phonetic spellings over generations, and Anglicization, there could potentially be other variations on the surname that have diverged significantly. Remember that surnames were often assigned or chosen based on professions, areas of living, or distinguishing attributes of an individual. It's always best to consult genealogical records or a professional genealogist for a more accurate understanding of a particular surname's development and variations.

Famous people with the name De Cruze

  • Brad de Cruz: international rugby player
  • André de Cruz: singer and YouTube star
  • Anabel de Cruz: model and social media influencer
  • Ricardo de Cruz: actor
  • Jarrad de Cruz: actor
  • Ky de Cruz: screenwriter and director
  • Terry de Cruz: British artist
  • Régine de Cruz: French journalist
  • Astrid de Cruz: actress and singer
  • Florencio de Cruz: Spanish tennis player
  • Srina de Cruz: fashion model
  • Jocelyne de Cruz: tap dancer from France
  • Lauren de Cruz: American figure skater
  • Carlos de Cruz: doctor in Cuba
  • António de Cruz: Portuguese footballer
  • Maria de Cruz: Spanish politician
  • Belinda de Cruz: DJ and music producer
  • Jonathan de Cruz: chef from Venezuela
  • Zachary de Cruz: chef and restauranteur
  • Paula de Cruz: Spanish writer who works in Mexico

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