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Surname de Fore - Meaning and Origin

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de Fore: What does the surname de Fore mean?

The last name de Fore is of French origin and is a topographic name based on the location the family came from. The French word “de Fore” can be roughly translated to mean “from the forest” or "from beyond the forest". It is likely the name was given to those who moved to the area near a forest, or “from beyond the forest”.

The name could also be derived from a village in the Aude region of France, where the family lived before moving to the area. The name comes from the Old French word "forre" which means "forest area". The prefix "de" means "from" and is common throughout French surnames of this type to indicate the family's origin.

De Fore is an ancient surname, being first recorded in 1150 in France. It has spread across Europe over the centuries, with variants appearing across many countries andCountries. The name can be found in England, Ireland, and Germany amongst others.

The de Fore surname is often thought to be an occupational surname, due to its origin meaning. Those who held the surname de Fore likely worked as wood cutters or lumberjacks, as well as hunters. De Fore can also be a sign of nobility, as in medieval times de Fore was a title given to vassals of powerful nobles. However, it is more likely this surname was held by workers who lived and worked in and around forests.

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de Fore: Where does the name de Fore come from?

The last name de Fore is most commonly associated with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands today. It is believed to have first originated from Germany, and then made its way across Europe. It is considered to be a very old, noble name and can be found among the aristocratic families of Europe.

In France, de Fore is most frequently found in the northern region of Picardy. There are also smaller numbers found around the center, in the region of Pays de la Loire. In Belgium, the name is most common in the Flemish-speaking areas of Antwerp and West Flanders. It is also found in the Dutch province of Zeeland and the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

In the United States, the surname de Fore is primarily concentrated in the midwest, particularly in Missouri, where it is believed to be the most numerous. It can also be found throughout the rest of the country, especially in areas of French settlement like Louisiana.

Although it is not as common today as it was centuries ago, the last name de Fore is still very much alive in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the US. Its rich history of being one of the oldest noble surnames in Europe may help to explain why it is still so widely used today.

Variations of the surname de Fore

The surname de Fore is derived from the Italian word “da Fora” meaning “from the outside”. It was originally a name given to families who had migrated from other places. Different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin are Dafore, Dafoe, Dafo, Defo, Defore, Defoe, Fore and Foree.

Dafore is an Italian variant of de Fore. It is similar to Dafoe or Dafo; the latter is more common in Spain and Portugal. Defo and Defore are similar to Dafore but not as widely used. Defoe, a variant commonly found in England, is derived from the French spelling of de Fore.

Fore and Foree are Spanish variants of the surname. The variation Foree may also appear as Fores and Forey in Spain and is related to the Italian variant Defore.

Variants of the surname de Fore are common in many countries around the world. In the United States, for example, the name can be found in records of Spanish-speaking immigrants from Latin America. Variants of the name can also be found in countries where French is spoken, such as France, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, as well as in countries which speak Italian, such as Italy and Malta.

Famous people with the name de Fore

  • Taren deFores: Professional stunt performer and action coordinator.
  • Joaquin deFores– Emmy Award-winning television producer and director.
  • Bruce deFores– Former Chairman and CEO of British Petroleum.
  • Teddy deFores– Professional basketball player.
  • Trey deFores– Lead singer of the popular modern rock band DeFores.
  • Grant deFores– Two-time Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist.
  • Zach deFores– Multi-platinum selling hip hop artist.
  • Alex deFores– Award winning sculptor and painter.
  • Tate deFores– Renowned Broadway performer and dancer.
  • Mason deFores– Renowned violinist and avant-garde jazz musician.

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