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Surname de la Poher - Meaning and Origin

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de la Poher: What does the surname de la Poher mean?

The surname "de la Poher" is of French origin and is linked to an individual's geographical location or the place they originated from. Specifically, "de la Poher" signifies "from Poher," indicating that the person's family was associated with the region known as Poher. Located in Brittany, in the northwest of France, Poher is a historic region covered by both the modern-day departments of Finistère and Côtes-d'Armor. Therefore, people with the surname "de la Poher" would be connected historically and ancestrally to this region. The usage of "de" in French surnames denotes "of" or "from" and is often used to signify an association with a particular place or family. Hence, "de la Poher" can be typically viewed as an aristocratic surname. However, it is critical to remember that surnames have complex histories and their meanings can change over time or differ across cultures and societies. Therefore, the origin and meaning of every surname should be researched in its specific cultural and historical context.

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de la Poher: Where does the name de la Poher come from?

The last name de la Poher is most commonly found in France, particularly in the municipalities of Normandy and Brittany. It is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages and was originally a patronymic surname given to someone who came from a certain geographical area. The de la Poher families were originally of noble and aristocratic origins and their name was often found among the highest classes.

In the mid-17th century, some of the last of the families emigrated to the French colonies in the New World, particularly Canada, Louisiana, and the Caribbean. These families often took on new spellings and changed some of the elements of the name in order to accommodate the local dialect and culture. Those emigrants and their descendants quickly assimilated, but their legacy of this ancient name still remains.

Today, the last name de la Poher can still be found in France and many other parts of the world, including the United States. It is more commonly seen with various alternative spellings, such as deLaporte, Delapoer, and DeLapouer. In the United States, the name is most frequently found in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, California, and Florida. No matter where one finds the name, its noble and aristocratic heritage endures.

Variations of the surname de la Poher

The surname de la Poher has many variants, spellings, and surnames that are derived from the same origin. In France, Poher is sometimes seen as De la Poer, De la Pohere, de Poher and De Poher. In Britain, it is sometimes shortened to Delapierre, Powell or Poole. In Scotland, it is often seen as De La Poire or De La Pierre.

Variants of Poher may have derived from the place names of Poher (in Brittany and Normandy), Poiré (in Picardy) or La Pierre (in Calvados). Alternatively, it may be derived from the personal name of Poher.

In addition to these traditional variants, other descents of the surname Poher have adopted alternate spellings and spellings associated with other cultures. Some of the most popular variations tend to remain English-speaking countries. In the United States, for example, the name is sometimes seen as Poer, Poirier, or Poerier. In Canada, a variation of De La Poer may be seen as DeLacroix, Delisco, Delowery, or Delora.

In addition, the surname De la Poher may also be found in the following nations and cultures: Australia (as De la Poer or Poer), Ireland (as De La Poire, LaPoire, or MacPher), New Zealand (as De La Poire), or in South Africa (as Poirier).

No matter the spelling or the culture, the surname of De La Poher likely describes the same family line that began in France centuries ago.

Famous people with the name de la Poher

  • Yann de la Poher: French singer
  • Zac de la Poher: French actor
  • Guillaume de La Poher: French singer
  • Jean-Philippe de La Poher: French actor
  • Jean-Jacques de La Poher: French director
  • Hilaire de La Poher: French film director
  • Alain de La Poher: French painter
  • Jean de La Poher: French architect
  • Patrick de La Poher: French theater director
  • Anne-Marie de La Poher: French actress

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