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Surname De La Prime - Meaning and Origin

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De La Prime: What does the surname De La Prime mean?

The last name De La Prime is of French origin. The prefix "De La" in French surnames typically means "of the" or "from the," indicating geographic or property-based origins. The word "Prime" in French may signify the number one, or it can also mean "reward" or "premium." In this context, it could possibly depict someone who came from a place called Prime, or even suggest a status, indicating a person or a family who was viewed as the prime or first in their locality or profession. However, there is no known place called "Prime" in France, making the meaning somewhat elusive. Determining the exact meaning of such a surname would need more historical content related to the family and its ancestral roots. Also, the surname is quite uncommon, which adds to the difficulty of establishing a definitive meaning.

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De La Prime: Where does the name De La Prime come from?

The last name De La Prime is primarily found in countries with French influence, including Canada, France, and throughout the French-speaking Caribbean. It is believed to be a derivative of the French phrase “de la primesse”, which has its origins in the Latin word “princeps”.

The De La Prime family can trace its history back to the medieval era in France. In 1634, Charles de La Prime relocated to Quebec in Canada and was granted land from the French government. As more French settlers arrived in Quebec, the De La Prime family spread and is now most commonly found in cities like Montreal and Quebec City.

In recent years, the last name De La Prime has been gaining more recognition. It is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, with the number of De La Prime families increasing dramatically since 2000. This may be attributed to a combination of cultural mixtures and the influx of immigrants from French speaking regions.

The De La Prime family continues to make a significant impact in these countries, with their name being associated with important places, businesses, and organizations. Additionally, their names have become much more commonplace in fields such as politics, business, arts, sciences, and sports. With their widespread presence and influence, it’s easy to see why the last name De La Prime has become prominent today.

Variations of the surname De La Prime

The surname De La Prime can have many different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. De la Prime itself is a variation on the French surname de Prima. It has been Anglicized in many different forms, including Delaprim, Delapree, Du La Prime, Del-a-prime, Delprume, and even Prime.

The surname Delaprim is also related to the Italian surname della Prima, which is a toponymic surname meaning “of the Prime”. The name comes from an Italian commune named Prima in the region of Liguria in northern Italy. This variant has become popular enough to be found in English speaking countries with variants such as Delaprima and Dellaprima.

Other variants that are found in both English and French include the variant Delapreme, which may also be found as Del-a-prême in French speaking countries, and also in the Anglicized form Delpreeme. There is also a French variant of the Italian surname, de Primavera, which is a toponymic surname meaning “of the Spring” and is used in English as Delaprimevera.

The surname Prime has its own variants, including Prim, Primm, and Primme, which can also be found in English speaking countries. This surname can also be related to the influential Steeplechase family, named after a horse-racing skill involving obstacles that the rider must jump over.

These are just some of the many variants and spelling alternatives of the surname De La Prime. With so many different ways of spelling the name, it can be hard to distinguish between them, but all of them originate in either France, Italy, or their respective influences in other parts of the world.

Famous people with the name De La Prime

  • Amaury de La Prime: French film director, producer, and screenwriter.
  • Michel de La Prime: French painter.
  • Jean de La Prime: French lawyer and doctor of canon law.
  • Pierre de La Prime: French poet and diplomat.
  • Gaston de La Prime: French painter and sculptor.
  • Xavier de La Prime: French Army and colonial officer.
  • Albert de La Prime: French journalist and publisher.
  • Marie-Anne de La Prime: French philanthropist.
  • Jacques de La Prime: French astronomer.
  • Jean-Antoine de La Prime: French philosopher, scientist and theologian.
  • Michel de La Prime: French issusance philosopher and social ethicist.
  • François de La Prime: French scientist and inventor.
  • René de La Prime: French novelist and screenwriter.
  • Louis de La Prime: French military officer and politician.
  • Jean-Baptiste de La Prime: French nobleman and lawyer.
  • Robert-Louis de La Prime: French journalist, historian and diplomat.
  • Charles-Louis de La Prime: French fashion designer.
  • Louise-Reine de La Prime: French aristocrat and philanthropist.
  • Augusta de La Prime: French music teacher and composer.
  • André de La Prime: French cinematographer and film director.

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