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Surname De Prael - Meaning and Origin

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De Prael: What does the surname De Prael mean?

The surname De Prael does not seem to have a specific meaning available in public resources, probably because it could be a rare or less common name. It appears to be of Dutch origin, possibly indicating a geographical connection or ancestral link to the Netherlands. The word "prael" does not directly translate to a specific word in English from Dutch, which further suggests that the name could potentially be unique to a family line or specific region. Additionally, "De" is a common prefix in Dutch surnames and it typically means "the", often used to denote a geographic location associated with a family's history. However, without a clear understanding of the word "Prael", the exact meaning of De Prael remains unclear. For a definitive interpretation, individuals with this surname might refer to family records, genealogical research, or consult a professional in Dutch surname etymology.

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De Prael: Where does the name De Prael come from?

The last name De Prael is most common in the Netherlands, especially in the western part of the country. It is becoming increasingly common in other countries around the world, as many people of Dutch ancestry have emigrated to other countries over the centuries. In the United States, the last name De Prael is most common in the states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and Georgia. De Prael is also found in Canada in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. In the United Kingdom, the surname is most common in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Outside of Europe, there have been reports of De Prael in the United States, Canada, India, Mexico, and South Africa.

De Prael can be found in the census records from the 1700s in the Netherlands, showing that it is an older surname. During the 1700s and 1800s, De Prael was an occupational surname, with people bearing the name having either owned or worked in a brewery in Amsterdam. The surname has also become popular due to the famous Dutch breweries by the same name, which started their first location in Amsterdam in the late 1800s.

Today, many people of Dutch, English, Scottish, and Irish backgrounds bear the surname De Prael. It is still most common in the Netherlands, but is beginning to spread to other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname De Prael

The surname De Prael has various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Prull, Pruul, Payel, Pral, Prall, Praal, Prill, Praul, Proud, Prual, Preal, Praulle, Prole, Proll and Prol.

The etymology of the surname De Prael is uncertain but is likely of Frankish origin, with the meaning of 'fruitful area'. Prael is derived from the Germanic term 'pra – heel', which means 'fertile land'. Therefore, the name Prall literally translates into 'fruitful land' in English.

The De Prael surname has been found to originate from many different languages including Dutch, German, French, and English. The surname is also known in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Belgium.

In a Dutch records, the surname De Prael has been spelled as Pruel, Prull, Pruul, Payel, Pral, Prall, Praal, Prill, Praul, Proud, Prual, Preal, Praulle, and Prole.

In a German records, the surname De Prael has been spelled as Prull, Pruul, Payel, Pral, Prall, Praal, Prill, Praul, Proud, Prual, Preal, Praulle, Prole, Proll, and Prol.

In a French records, the variant surnames of Pral and Prol are often found.

In English records, the variant surname of Preal has been found.

The origin of the surname De Prael is likely from Germany and Belgium. It is most commonly found in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin provide insight into the ancestry of the De Prael family.

Famous people with the name De Prael

  • Anne-Mieke de Prael: Actor, Director, Writer and Casting Director
  • Jos de Prael: Dutch rock musician
  • Aleida de Prael: Winner of the Plantin Moretus Prize
  • Ferdinand de Prael: Author, Philosopher and Economer
  • Ermanno de Prael: Dutch poet
  • Ruben de Prael: Visual Artist
  • Karin de Prael: Actress, Singer and Voice Actress
  • Reinoud de Prael: DJ and Producer
  • Melissa de Prael: Painter and Illustrator
  • Guido de Prael: Former Director of the De Prael Brewery in Amsterdam.

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