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Surname de Vic - Meaning and Origin

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de Vic: What does the surname de Vic mean?

The surname "de Vic" is of geographical origin and it is common in certain regions of France. It is derived from the small town of "Vic" in the South-West of France. The prefix "de" in French surnames often signify "of" or "from", indicating a family's origin or ancestral home. Therefore, "de Vic" can be interpreted as "from Vic". The town 'Vic' is derived from the Latin 'vicus' which means 'village' or 'small settlement'. It is important to note that many individuals with this surname may have historical or ancestral connections to that region. However, like many surnames today, the specific geographical indication does not necessarily apply. The surname, therefore, does not have a symbolic or descriptive meaning, but rather denotes a location that is historically significant to the ancestors of the individual carrying this surname.

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de Vic: Where does the name de Vic come from?

The last name de Vic is most commonly found in and around its origin, France. It is derived from a Roman name, VIC, which was popular among people in the region of Aquitaine in southwestern France. The surname is most concentrated in the Midi Pyrenees region. It has been found that the most common regions to find the surname are around the area of Aveyron near Toulouse, as well as in the Vienne region in Poitou-Charentes, and in the Pas-de-Calais department.

The de Vic surname has been present in France since at least the 13th century, and there is records of the Vic family residing in Aveyron in the late 12th century. The surname has also spread to other countries like Canada and the United States, but it is still mainly concentrated in France. Despite growing popularity in other countries, the surname is still linked to its French origin as de Vic is best associated with people of French descent.

Variations of the surname de Vic

The surname de Vic is a French surname, which is also spelled de Vyc, de Vyck, and de Vyk. It is derived from the Latin word vicus, which means "road" or "alley". This surname is related to other similar surnames such as Duvic, Devic, Devicq, De Vico, De Vigue, and DeVico.

The surname de Vic can also appear as a patronymic, or surname derived from the name of the father or an ancestor. In this case, it can appear as DeVicque, De Vicques, de Vicquiues, de Vicquelle, de Vicquemare, de Vicquesnel, de Vicquerville, de Vicquesne, and de Vicques. In some cases, the surnames may be hyphenated, such as de-Vicques or Vyc-de-Vicques.

In the United States, de Vic is the original spelling. However, it is also seen as Vic, Vyck, or another variant, as well as similar surnames beginning with De-, such as DeVic, DeVico, DeVigue, and Duvic.

In Canada, the surname may be spelled as de Vicq or de Vicques.

The surname de Vic can also be found in other countries, including England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Germany. Variations of the surname in some of these countries may include Vicque, Vicque de Vicques, Vicquerie, Vicquere, and Vicq.

Famous people with the name de Vic

  • Guillermo de Vic Martínez: Chilean actor and musician.
  • Margorzata de Vicenthy: Polish film producer.
  • Jutta de Vic: Austrian actress.
  • Paul de Vic: Belgian poet and writer.
  • Mariano de Vic: Spanish archaeologist.
  • Robert de Vic: French painter and sculptor.
  • Alfonso de Vic: Spanish sculptor and architect.
  • Rafael de Vic: Spanish musical composer.
  • Doménico de Vic: Italian architect and historian.
  • Luisa de Vic: American film producer and director.
  • Jean-Baptiste de Vic: French poet and playwright.
  • Georgette de Vic: French singer, songwriter, and actress.
  • Sebastián de Vicente: Spanish actor and producer.
  • Raimundo de Vic: Spanish lawyer and politician.
  • Pedro de Vic: Spanish playwright and novelist.
  • Anacleto de Vic: Spanish military figure and artist.
  • Jordi de Vic: Catalan actor.
  • Louise de Vic: French singer and songwriter.
  • Guy de Vic: Australian radio host.
  • Ana de Vic: Chilean architect and urbanist.

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