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Surname Demerit - Meaning and Origin

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Demerit: What does the surname Demerit mean?

The last name Demerit doesn't have an established, universally accepted meaning as it appears to have an anglicized spelling. The word "demerit," in English language, is defined as a feature or fact that deserves blame, criticism or a negative marking against someone's record. For instance, in a school report or employee review, a "demerit" refers to a mark given for unsatisfactory work or conduct.

However, it is important to understand that people's last names often have historical or genealogical significance related to geographical locations, occupations, or personal attributes, rather than the direct dictionary definitions of the words they might resemble. For instance, the surname may have been derived from a location in France called Demeré, and might have been altered over time (say, during migration) to become "Demerit." To ascertain the true meaning and origin of the surname, one must look into family history or conduct genealogical research. Until then, attributing the dictionary definition of "demerit" to the last name may not be accurate or fair.

Demerit: Where does the name Demerit come from?

The last name Demerit is of French origin, originating from a place in Northern France named Meriot. The word "de" in French means "of", suggesting a geographical origin. This implies that the name could have been used to refer to "one from Meriot". Over time, variations of the original last name occurred, leading to different forms like "de Merit", "de Meritt", and finally "Demerit".

Demerit is quite an uncommon surname and there is no specific concentration of people with this surname in any particular region today. However, it can be sporadically found in countries like the United States, Canada, and to some extent in France, probably tracing back to the original migration from France. Also, due to the nature of migration and colonization, it may be found spread diffusely across different countries globally.

Variations of the surname Demerit

The surname Demerit can have various spelling variants and potentially originates from different surnames that have evolved over time.

Variants of the surname Demerit can include Demeritt, Demerritt, Demerrit, Demeritte, and Demerette. These variants often arose from phonetic spellings by those recording the name who based its spelling on how it was pronounced.

The origin of the surname Demerit is not explicitly documented, but it's believed to be of French origin, potentially a variant of French-Canadian surnames such as Desmarais or Desmerais. These surnames come from a place in Normandy named Mérey or Mérey-Villages. Over time and with migration, the pronunciation and spelling of the surname could have been anglicized to Demerit.

Due to the lack of proper records and exact tracing, concrete origin and all possible variants of Demerit might not be immediately apparent. Other potential roots of the surname might be German, Dutch, or even English from an occupational name or a nickname.

It is also possible that different families with the surname Demerit are not connected and that their surnames have different origins. As such, the variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for Demerit can greatly vary.

Famous people with the name Demerit

  • Anthony Demerit: former professional soccer player from Canada who played for the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club and US National Team.
  • Dave Demerit: Canadian singer from the band Thornley who had scores of top 40 singles.
  • Patrice Emery Demerit: French politician who served as the Prime Minister of France from May 1974 to August 1976.
  • James Thomas Demerit: Canadian-born Lieutenant Governor of Montana from 1921 to 1925.
  • Jacopo Demerit: 16th-century Italian sculptor and architect.
  • Keith Demerit: Bassist with the Canadian rock band, Sum 41.
  • Kent Demerit: Canadian hockey player who played for the Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils.
  • Luc Demerit: French classical composer from the Romantic period.
  • Simon Demerit: American actor known for his roles in films and television series.
  • Rodney Demerit: American broadcast journalist who has reported and hosted shows on a variety of outlets.

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