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Surname Dizone - Meaning and Origin

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Dizone: What does the surname Dizone mean?

The last name Dizone is an Italian-Sicilian surname, originating from the small town of Belmonte Mezzagno located on the island of Sicily. The name likely has a Latin origin, stemming from the word ‘disone’, meaning ‘servant of Zeus’, indicating that the family likely had a religious background. Some records suggest that the family may have originated in the Norman region of Italy, with many ancestors having already settled in the area by the 13th century. It is very likely that the Dizone family had been wealthy and influential, as evidenced by records of the purchase of properties by some of its members.

Throughout the centuries, the Dizone family has made a name for itself in many fields, including business, politics and the military. They are known to have contributed to the economy of southern Italy and have established many links with other prominent and influential families. It is believed that the Dizones may have originated from a noble house of southern Italy, likely descending from a small community of well-to-do professionals, with strong affiliations to a variety of trading businesses, which allowed them to grow in power and wealth quite rapidly.

Some of their descendants have gone on to become prominent figures in their own right, with members of the family making their mark in a variety of fields from the military to architecture. They still have a strong presence in Italy today, with many members of the family still living in and around Belmonte Mezzagno, where the family is known to have long-standing members. Despite having a long and bright history, the origin and meaning of the name Dizone remains a bit of a mystery, but it’s certain that to be a Dizone is an honor and a privilege.

Dizone: Where does the name Dizone come from?

The last name Dizone is most commonly found in Italy today. It is considered to be a derived from the Latin name Decius, which is derived from the Latin word for "tenth". It is also believed to have been derived from the ancient Greek name Deceus, which means "ten".

In Italy, it is mostly associated with the region of Liguria. In the northern parts of the country, it usually has a more rural association. In the south, it tends to be found more often in urban areas.

The name Dizone can also be found in the United States, mostly in the south and on the west coast. It is believed to have been brought over by Italian immigrants.

In the UK, the last name Dizone is less common but still found. According to the Office for National Statistics, the most common variant of the name is Di Zones.

Overall, the surname Dizone is found around the world, although its concentrations are mainly in Italy, the U.S., and the UK. It is likely to continue to exist for many years, as it has been part of the Italian culture for centuries.

Variations of the surname Dizone

The surname Dizone is an ancient Italian surname. It can be spelled in various ways depending on language and dialect, such as 'Dezzone', Desione', 'Dezzoni', 'Dicione', 'Disone', 'Desone', 'Disone', 'Disanni', 'Dizano', 'Dezano' and 'Diziano'. The Italian spelling 'Dizione' is the most widely accepted, and it is thought to derive from the Latin phrase 'di caelius', meaning 'of the heavens'.

It is believed that the Dizone surname is most common in the northern region of Italy, specifically the regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, and the south of Piedmont. The surname can also be found in the northern parts of Italy's neighbouring countries such as Switzerland and France.

The variants of Dizone are often used interchangeably, although there may be regional difference in spelling and variation usage. For example, in the northern parts of Italy, the surname is typically spelled 'Dezzone' or 'Dezzoni', while in the south, 'Dicione' or 'Disone' are more common.

The Dizone surname is also found in Latinized versions, such as 'Di Zonio', 'Di Zonatus', 'De Zoniis' and 'Di Zonzo'. These Latinized versions are more common in records of the Middle Ages, when most documents were written in Latin.

The Dizone surname is also known by the following surnames, derived from the same origin: Dizone, Desione, Dezzoni, Dicione, Disone, Desone, Disanni, Dizano, Dezano and Diziano.

Overall, the Dizone surname has numerous variants in both the Italian and Latin languages. Although the spelling may vary depending on region, the connection between the surnames is undeniable.

Famous people with the name Dizone

  • Tony Dizon: Filipino R&B singer and songwriter
  • Marlon Dizon: Filipino singer, actor, and television host
  • Francis Dizon: Filipino actor and model
  • Jennylyn Mercado: Filipino actress, recording artist, and television personality
  • Paul Dizon: Filipino actor and film producer
  • Vince Dizon: Filipino executive director of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Jeffrey Dizon: Filipino actor and director
  • JC Lapuz: Filipino actor and television host
  • Katherine Dizon: Filipino actress
  • Allen Dizon: Filipino actor and film producer
  • Doug Dizon: Filipino politician
  • Liza Diño: Filipino actress
  • Joel Dizon: Filipino actor
  • Charee Pineda: Filipina actress
  • Reily Dizon: Filipino actor
  • Sid Lucero: Filipino actor
  • Job Bautista: Filipino actor
  • Jayson Dizon: Filipino actor

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