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Surname Dominicus - Meaning and Origin

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Dominicus: What does the surname Dominicus mean?

The last name Dominicus is of Latin origin, derived from the word "Dominus," which translates to "Lord," "Master," or "Owner." The addition of the suffix "-icus" indicates a relationship possession or association, essentially translating to "belonging to the Lord" or "one who serves the Lord." Usually, this name is associated with those who have a deep religious background or connection. It can even relate to those who might have historically served in a Church or religious setting. Moreover, it was sometimes given to children born on Sunday, the Lord's Day. It's worth noting that the name's meaning could vary across different cultures and regions while still maintaining its fundamental religious connotation.

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Dominicus: Where does the name Dominicus come from?

The last name Dominicus is most commonly found today in its Latin form in Central and South America, particularly in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, and Chile. It is an old Roman family or patrician name which has been handed down throughout many generations. In Spanish-speaking countries, it appears as the surname Domínguez or Domínguez de Domingo, while in Portuguese countries, it appears as Domingos.

In the United States, Dominicus is a rare surname, with fewer than 2,500 people in the United States using the last name. According to the US Census Bureau, it is most common in California, followed by New York, New Jersey, and Florida. It is especially common in areas with large Latino populations.

In Europe, the name is found in countries like Portugal, Italy, and Germany. The name has also been found in India, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The name Dominicus is derived from Dominus, a Latin word meaning "lord" or "master". It is an old Christian name, usually given to slaves who had been set free by their owners and emancipated to a life of freedom. This name is still used today as a sign of respect.

Variations of the surname Dominicus

The surname Dominicus has various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants are Dominico, Domenico, Domonic, Domonici, Dominic, Dominicus, Domenicci, Dominici, and Dominick.

The surname Dominicus is derived from the Latin name "Dominicus," which is a form of "Dominus" meaning "lord." It is also derived from the Latin name Dominus, meaning "dominion." This name was used to refer to someone who had authority or control over something.

Variations on this surname are common in many European countries, such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Spanish and Portuguese variants include Domingo, Dominguez, Domínguez, Domingos, and Domingues; Italian variants of Dominicus include Domenico, Dominici, Dominicis, and Domizio; and German and Dutch variants include Domenig and Dominicus.

In some countries, including Finland, Sweden, and Poland, the surname is taken from the Latin name Dominic, which is derived from the Latin word "dominus." The variant forms in these countries are Domini, Dominiczak, Dominieka, and Dominik.

The various name variants of Dominicus across Europe have been used to identify members of the same family, or people whose surnames originated from the same source. In some cases, the spellings of the surnames may have changed over time due to migration or other causes.

Famous people with the name Dominicus

  • Stanley G. Dominicus (born 1985), politician in Curaçao
  • Mike Torrez (born 1948), former Major League Baseball pitcher born Mario Francisco Dominicus
  • Bernard Dominicus (born 1956), Dutch mathematician
  • Astrid Dominicus (born 1962), Dutch actress
  • Cornelius Dominicus (20th century), Irish academic
  • Julius Dominicus (born 1987), Cypriot footballer
  • Peter Dominicus (born 1932), Dutch historian and author
  • Dave Dominicus (born 1963), Dutch carpenter
  • Staf Dominicus (born 1900–1920s), Flemish anarchist
  • Johannes Dominicus (17th century), Dutch jurist and diplomat

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