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Surname Drost - Meaning and Origin

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Drost: What does the surname Drost mean?

The surname Drost is of Dutch and North German origin, deriving from the Middle Dutch term "drost" or "drossaete" which was a historical administrative and judicial office in the Low Countries. The role of a Drost (often translated as bailiff or governor) was that of a representative or delegate of the ruler in a particular territory, similar to a sheriff or a steward. So, the surname might have been originally denoted as a nickname for someone who worked in the office of a drost or perhaps was commonly associated with one. Over time, it became used as a family name. It's important to note that such occupational surnames were not originally hereditary. They only became so when a son, and grandson followed in his father's footsteps and also entered the same profession. This surname is prevalent in the Netherlands, Germany and also found among Dutch diaspora in the United States.

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Drost: Where does the name Drost come from?

The last name Drost is of Dutch origin. It is derived from the Middle Dutch word "drossaet," which referred to a steward or an important civil servant during the Middle Ages. These individuals were responsible for the administration of the court. Therefore, the surname likely belongs to a family whose ancestors held this prestigious position.

Today, Drost is a common surname in the Netherlands and can also be found in other countries like Germany and the United States. However, it's generally more prevalent in its country of origin. Being an occupational name, it might be distributed across regions and not necessarily concentrated in a specific area. As families moved over time and took up various professions, the distribution of Drost as a surname also became more widespread. Like many other surnames, variations of Drost are also present in different areas.

Variations of the surname Drost

The surname Drost is of Dutch and German origin. It is an occupational name implying the role of a steward, bailiff, or overseer. This name has variations across different regions and cultures, leading to alternative spellings and synonyms. Some of these include Drossaert, Drossaard, De Drost, Drostmann, and Droste. These slightly varied versions of the name can indicate the same occupational background or a similar geographic origin.

Drost is also associated with patronymic and Breton names. German-speakers might use the spelling Droste, while those in Scandinavia may use the equivalent Drost or Drust. Dutch-speaking regions often incorporate van Drost or de Drost into the name, indicating an individual is the son or daughter of Drost or is from a court or legal area signified by "Drost". Further variations include Droessler, Drossel, and Dross, which are more commonly found in German-speaking regions.

In terms of surnames that are not variations but have the same origin (in that they also refer to the role of a steward or overseer), English versions could include Steward or Sheriff, and in French-speaking areas, this might be Bailli. German equivalents could be Haushalter or Verwalter. Despite spelling differences, all of these names carry a linked meaning.

Famous people with the name Drost

  • Tyler Drost: professional lacrosse player
  • Horst Drost: retired German footballer
  • Anton Drost: Dutch businessman and former Member of Parliament
  • Lawrence Drost: American college basketball coach
  • Barbara Drost: Canadian politician
  • Sjors Drost: Dutch television presenter
  • Reyhan Drost: South African indaba facilitator and former conservation officer
  • Kristen Drost: American voice actress
  • Brandi Drost: former Canadian cross-country skier
  • Jeannette Drost– Dutch alpine skier

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