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Surname Duffey - Meaning and Origin

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Duffey: What does the surname Duffey mean?

The last name Duffey is of Irish origin and derived from the Gaelic surname "MacDhuibhsith". The literal English translation of this name is "son of (Mac) Duibheasa", which can be translated as "son of Duibheasa" or "dark one". It is believed that the Duffey family were descended from a 10th Century chieftain, the first of which was Dabheid (Mac Duibheasa), ancestor of the Duffeys of County Galway. In Scottish legend, the Duffey family originates from the MacDuffie clan of Clan Duff in Aberdeenshire.

Throughout its long history, the Duffey family have lived in and around Galway, Ireland and more recently in many other parts of the world. In Ireland and Scotland, the Duffey name has traditionally been associated with strong family values, loyalty and work ethic. The Duffeys of Scotland have a long tradition of service in the military, having been involved in several major conflicts including the Anglo-Irish War, the Napoleonic Wars, and the American Revolution. Irish Duffeys are often noted for their hospitality, generosity and loyalty.

Duffeys are considered to be a proud and independent people who have a strong sense of community and take pride in their ancestry. Today, the name is still prevalent in many parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries in Europe. The Duffeys have contributed much to the world in the form of art, literature and other forms of culture, and the proud legacy continues today.

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Duffey: Where does the name Duffey come from?

The last name Duffey is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the northern parts of the Midwest. It is also found in parts of Ireland, such as County Cork and County Kerry, where Duffey is one of the more commonly used surnames. The name originated in Scotland where records from the 1700s describe families named Duffy, which eventually became Duffey.

In the US, the last name can be found in many areas, including: Michigan, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Connecticut, and Wisconsin. In the UK, the name is found in places like London, Oxfordshire, and South Wales.

The number of individuals with the last name Duffey is increasing in the US, however, it is still considered a somewhat rare surname. As of the last census in 2020, there were 1,965 people in the US with the Duffey surname. Estimates from prior to 2020 put the number at around 3,000.

Though the last name Duffey is not as popular as it once was, it continues to hold a place in family histories around the world. It is an interesting example of how a name can change its form and still have its historical roots intact while expanding to new locations over time.

Variations of the surname Duffey

The surname Duffey is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is a derivative of the Gaelic name MacDhuibhshíth, which translates to "dark peace-maker". It can also be derived from the Old Norse name Dubhshith, with a more literal meaning of "from the dark mountain".

Variants of this surname include Daffey, Duffy, Puffey, Dufy, Deefy, MacDuffy, O'Duffy, Duffie and O'Daffey.

The spelling variations of this surname range from Davey to Diffy and many others in between. Some variants include Davy, Davie, Daff, Doff, Daffy and Divy.

Common surnames of this origin are Duff, Duffy, Puffy, Duffey and O'Duffy. These names are closely related and could be of a single origin, with each spelling variation having a separate history.

In the United States, surnames with similar spellings include Dawe, Dawes, Dafoe, Daub and Dauphin.

In England, Scotland and Ireland, this type of name is usually spelled Duffy or O'Duffy. In other parts of Europe, variations such as Dovey, Dubey and Duve may be seen.

Common nicknames for this name include Duf, Puf, Duffy and Daffy.

Famous people with the name Duffey

  • Hilary Duff: American actress and singer
  • Mike Duffey: Formerly of the band Start Trouble and co-founder of the South x Sea Clothing company
  • Brett Duffey: Australian rules footballer
  • Doug Duffey: American country music singer-songwriter
  • Adam Duffey: British sprint canoeist
  • Jacob Duffey: American film and television actor
  • William Duffey: Former United States federal judge
  • Cristen Metz Duffey: Hollywood Hills real estate agent
  • Bruce Duffey: Formerly of the English rock band The Chosen Few
  • Judee Duffey: American former tennis player

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