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Surname Duffield - Meaning and Origin

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Duffield: What does the surname Duffield mean?

The last name Duffield dates back to the late 13th century and is derived from the Old and Middle English term 'dufeld,' which translates to 'open land near the river.' This form of the surname likely originated as a habitational name from a place near the river. Variations of the name can include Duffeld, Duffild, Dufild, Duffielde, Duffelde and Dufeld.

The Duffield family name is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, descended from pre-Christian tribes and their kings. During Middle Ages, the Duffield family were prominent landowners and seat holders, primarily located in the West Riding of Yorkshire and Lancashire, which are now part of North West England.

Today, the last name Duffield is spread across the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries around the world. The Duffield surname is still a very popular name in many parts of the English-speaking world, particularly England and Scotland.

The Duffields were loyal and brave supporters of King Charles I during the English Civil War and received the recognition of King Charles II after the war, being elevated to the Baron of Tandragee in Northern Ireland in 1660. The legacy of the Duffield family continues today, with its members still contributing to the arts, literature and business across the English-speaking world.

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Duffield: Where does the name Duffield come from?

The last name Duffield is most commonly found in the United States today. This is likely due to colonialization during the 18th century when the majority of immigrants arrived from England and Scotland. Countries that had been previously colonized by the British, including Australia and Canada, are also likely to have a sizeable number of individuals with the surname.

The surname is a nobel one, derived from the family surname ‘de Ffield’, and is most commonly believed to have originated in the county of Somerset, England. In the United States, the states with the highest concentration of individuals with the name are Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In England, the name is scattered throughout the country, but is particularly strong in present-day Glasgow and Fife. In Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, the surname is even more widespread.

Other countries that show a significant number of Duffields today include South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, and Argentina. Because Duffield is an inherited surname, a large number of people with the name in other countries may be descendants of someone who settled there in more recent generations.

Overall, Duffield is a name with an impressive history around the world and has maintained a presence in many countries today due to its popularity through immigration.

Variations of the surname Duffield

The surname Duffield is an English surname which originates from the place Duffield in Derbyshire, England. It can have several variants, spellings and surnames derived from the same origin.

The most common variants of the surname are Duffeild, Duffeld, Duffelde, Duffelds, Duffell, Duffells and Duffields. However, there are other less common variants which are sometimes encountered such as Duffeaut, Duffew, Duffild, Duffilds, Duffiold, Dufield, Dufields, Dufild, Dufilds, Dufould and Dymfeild.

In addition, there are several surnames derived from the original surname Duffield. These are Duffaux, Duffielder, Duffloss, Duffoy, Duffus, Dufresne, Duffield-Smith, d'Offay, Dufton, Duffo and Duffoyer.

Overall, the surname Duffield is associated with many different variants, spellings and surnames from the same origin. As such, individuals carrying this surname need to be mindful of variations of the name when researching the history of their family.

Famous people with the name Duffield

  • Gus Duffield: English professional rugby union player.
  • Selina Duffield: British actor and writer.
  • William Duffield: American military man and politician who served in Congress.
  • Jon Duffield: Australian actor, playwright, and theatre director.
  • Wendy Duffield: Canadian singer, actress, and songwriter.
  • Stephen Duffield: American animated film director.
  • David Duffield: Entrepreneur and founder of enterprise software company, Workday.
  • Patrick Duffield: English rugby league player.
  • Simon Duffield: Former chief executive of the British Syd Young Trust.
  • Mark Duffield: Australia sports commentator and journalist.
  • Paul Duffield: British graphic novelist and illustrator.
  • Hughey Duffield: Canadian ice hockey player.
  • John Duffield: British fund manager, co-founder of Neptune Investment Management.
  • Jennifer Duffield: American actress and producer.
  • Lawrence Duffield: American actor and theatre director.

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