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Surname Dufka - Meaning and Origin

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Dufka: What does the surname Dufka mean?

The last name Dufka is of Czech and Slavic origin. It is derived from the Slavic word dufka, which is a combining form of elements meaning "spirit" or "soul." The name is quite common in regions such as Slovakia, Bohemia and Sorbia.

The Dufka family originated in the 18th Century and is believed to be of German descent. It is thought that the name may also have originated in France in the 16th Century.

Because the name is derived from a word that means "spirit" or "soul," it has symbolic significance when it comes to family ancestry. The name suggests a connection to love, kindness, joy, courage and compassion. It also embodies an appreciation for the beauty found in nature.

The Dufka family has been prominent in many areas of life, including politics, science, and the arts. Several famous people have the last name Dufka, including renowned artists and writers like Annette Dufka, scientist and political activist Alice Dufka, and professional football player Tutu Dufka.

The last name Dufka is especially meaningful because it dare to break canon and celebrate the richness and variety of cultures that come together to create something unique and special. The Dufka family is proud to honor its legacy through the example of living with love, hope and courage.

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Dufka: Where does the name Dufka come from?

The surname Dufka is most commonly found in Central Europe in countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. It is also found in countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, and Romania. It is thought that the name is of Slavic origin and it likely originated from the Slavic word for "smoky," referencing someone who either lived near a smoke-filled area or worked with smoky materials.

In the Czech Republic, the Dufka surname is most prominent in the regions of Praha, Olomoucký, and Jihomoravský. In Poland, it is most common in the Mazowieckie region. People with the surname Dufka also live in Slovakia's Trnavský, Banskobystrický, and Trenčiansky regions.

Dufka is also a common surname in the United States and Canada, likely brought by immigrants from Central Europe. Though not as common, variants of the surname can be found in Australia, South Africa, Argentina, and other countries. It appears to be especially popular in the United States, where many American-born people with the Dufka surname live.

Overall, the surname Dufka is believed to have originated from Central Europe, though many people with this surname are scattered throughout countries all over the world today.

Variations of the surname Dufka

The surname Dufka may have several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some of these surname variants include: Dufka, Dufkova, Dufková, Dufkovicova, Dubka, Dubovka and Dubovskaya. The origins of the surname Dufka is believed to be a patronymic surname, meaning that it was derived from the given name of the father of the initial bearer.

The first record of the surname Dufka is thought to be found in the Czech Republic between the 17th and 18th centuries. During this time, the Czech language was the language of the majority of the population in the region. Thus, the surname Dufka is of Czech origin. The surname Dufka is thought to be an occupational surname derived from the old Czech word "dufný", which means "steelworker". This is indicative of the fact that many bearers of the surname Dufka were involved in working with steel during this time period.

The surname can also be found in some other countries, such as Slovakia, Poland, and Ukraine. It is also common among Slovaks that have migrated to the United States and Canada. In these countries, the surname Dufka may have been altered to Dubka, Dubovka, or Dubovskya due to the influence of the English language.

The name Dufka may have also been altered to Dufkova, which is a feminized form of the name, as it means "daughter of Dufka". There is also a masculine form of the name, Dufková, which means "son of Dufka".

In conclusion, the surname Dufka has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These variants include Dufka, Dufkova, Dufková, Dufkovicova, Dubka, Dubovka and Dubovskya. The name is of Czech origin and is predominantly found in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, the United States and Canada. There is also a masculine and a feminized version of the name: Dufková for "son of Dufka" and Dufkova for "daughter of Dufka".

Famous people with the name Dufka

  • Kateřina Dufková: Kateřina is a Czech professional slalom canoeist, who has competed in the European circuit since 2006. She won a bronze medal in the K1 event at the 2010 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in Tacen.
  • Joan Dufka: Joan is an American human rights advocate and senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. She has researched, reported, and advocated on human rights in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya.
  • Ann Dufka: Ann is an American stage and television actress. She most notably appeared in the Broadway production of Violet and the television series Law & Order.
  • Olivier Dufka: Olivier is a French football goalkeeper playing in the French Ligue 2. He currently plays for FC Chambly.
  • Leona Dufka: Leona is an American painter, sculptor, printmaker, and writer. She has exhibited her work in various group and solo exhibitions since the mid-1970s.
  • Ondřej Dufka: Ondřej is a Czech professional footballer who plays as a forward for SK Sigma Olomouc.
  • Drahomíra Dufková: Drahomíra is a Czech swimmer, who has been competing since the late 2000s. She won a bronze medal in the 200 m Individual Medley event at the 2009 European Junior Swimming Championships in Belgrade.

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