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Surname Duhn - Meaning and Origin

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Duhn: What does the surname Duhn mean?

The last name Duhn is a Germanic name derived from the Middle High German word “dun”, meaning "dark color". It is primarily used as a surname in Germany, with records of its use going back to the 12th century. This suggests the name may be of noble origin, as it was likely adopted by those of status who wanted to differentiate themselves from the common people.

The name has been used in various places around the world over the centuries, and the meaning may vary slightly from location to location. In some cases, it may be a variation of the English surname Dunn, which typically indicates someone who was born in a particular region. This could certainly apply to Germanic names as well if the person was from a specific region.

Variations of the name include Don, Dun, Duen and Danne. There are also some other spellings such as Dohn or Doen, but these are much rarer.

Duhn is primarily a Germanic-originated surname, and can be associated with certain regions, depending on where the name is used. However, there is no single definitive meaning for the name Duhn and each of its variations, as it may have evolved or changed over time.

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Duhn: Where does the name Duhn come from?

The last name Duhn is mainly found in the German-speaking countries of Europe, though it is also common in some other parts of the world. It is particularly prominent in Germany, with roughly 10,400 people carrying the name. In Austria, there are over 4,000 people, and Switzerland boasts about 2,400.

It is also a fairly common name in parts of North America, particularly in the United States. There are some 4,000 people carrying the name in the United States, with the most prominent concentrations in the states of Wisconsin, Missouri, and Minnesota.

In addition, the last name Duhn is a frequent name in South America, two countries having particular prominence in carrying the name—Argentina and Brazil. It is also found in significant numbers in Australia and Canada, and across numerous other countries in Europe and Asia.

Variations of the surname Duhn

The surname Duhn can be spelled in a variety of ways, however the most common spellings include Duhen, Duhne, Duen, Duenne, Dühn, Dühnen, Düen, and Düenne.

The surname Duhn is principally found in Germany and Austria, and originates from the Middle Ages where it likely come from a German or Roman word meaning "hill" or "lofty". It is believed to have been taken on by people living on hills or high places, and as such would have been used to identify those living on a particular hill or area.

The Duhn surname is also believed to be derived from the French surname D'huin, as this was used by many French families in the Middle Ages.

The earliest records of the surname Duhn are found in the 13th century, and dates back to a nobleman named Duden von Duin who held a prominent position in the area now known as Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. Other variations of the surname can be found throughout Germany, as well as in Austria, Switzerland, and wider Europe.

In the United States, the surname has been found mainly in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts. However, it is also found elsewhere in the US with immigrants having settled across the country.

Since the spelling of the Duhn surname had changed over the centuries, depending on the region and time period, there are various derivatives of the name. Some of these include Dühren, Duenen, Duhne, Dühnen, Dohne, Dona, Duenes, Doen, Dohne, Dun, Doenen, Denne, Duen, Dune, Dunne, Duhen and Doenner.

Famous people with the name Duhn

  • Kristina Dun, German musician and songwriter.
  • Steve Dunn, English cricketer.
  • Dorothea Dun, German actress.
  • Bernhard Duhn, German painter and draughtsman.
  • Karl Duhn, German archaeologist and historian.
  • Felix Duhn, German theologian.
  • Robert Duhn, American chemist.
  • Cindy Duhn, American actress.
  • Wolfgang Duhn, German actor.
  • Peter Duhn, Swiss race car driver.
  • Björn Duhn, German sailor.
  • Mats Duhn, Swedish tennis player.
  • Klaus Duhn, German handball player.
  • Paul Duhn, German actor.

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