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Surname Earll - Meaning and Origin

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Earll: What does the surname Earll mean?

The surname Earll is of British origin and is derived from the Old English word ‘eorl’ which means ‘earl’ or ‘nobleman’. This suggests that the ancestors of people with the last name Earll could have been individuals of distinguished nobility. It could also have been an occupational name for the servant of an earl. Variations in spelling can be found as Erle, Earl and Earle. As with many surnames, migration through centuries and different lands may have resulted in variations, therefore the surname may also be found in different forms in various countries across the globe.

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Earll: Where does the name Earll come from?

The last name Earll is of English origin, believed to be a variant of the name Earl. Earl is an aristocratic title, typically rank below a Marquis and above a Viscount, in various medieval European nations, especially in England. This title was often given as a surname to those who worked for an Earl or perhaps played the part of an Earl in a medieval play or pageant.

Furthermore, it indications towards a geographical origin, specifically from the Old English term 'eorl', translating to 'nobleman', or 'chieftain'.

There's limited data about where the surname Earll is most common today. However, taking into account the English origin, it is conceivable to find this surname in countries where English setters migrated such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The British Isles may also have a concentration of people with the Earll surname. In overall, it is not an exceedingly common surname.

Variations of the surname Earll

The surname Earll, often associated with English and Scottish heritage, has multiple variations, likely due to transcription errors, regional dialects, and immigration over centuries. Some of these variations can include Earl, Erle, Earle, Erll, Erell, and Erel. As for the surnames with the same origin, they include surnames that relate to societal roles such Royal, Duke, Knight, etc.

In Ireland, where surnames were anglicized, similar surnames like Ó hEaráin were translated to Hearn, which can be similar sounding to Earll.

It's worth noting that, in the past, many people did not adhere strictly to spelling standards, which is why there are so many variants of certain surnames today. Plus, poor literacy rates further contributed to this inconsistency.

Remember that a change in spelling does not mean a change in lineage. Those with the surname Earll, regardless of spelling, should still be able to trace their genealogy back to their ancestors, despite any name alterations. Keep in mind though, this depends on the specific family history and migration patterns.

Famous people with the name Earll

  • Reed Earll: Reed is an American actor best known for his leading role in movies like Grethgars Last Stand, Malls R Us, and Of Dreams and Nightmares.
  • Mack Earll: Mack Earll is an American Fashion Model who has appeared on TV and in print ads for brands like Armani, Nike, and Calvin Klein.
  • Sam Earll: Sam Earll is a famous musician and former lead singer for the band 'The Avalanche Boys' that had chart-topping hits like 'Static' and 'Backyard Serenade'.
  • Jack Earll: Jack Earll is an American comedian and actor known for his popular stand-up comedy performances as well as his starring role in the popular sitcom 'Cornell and Friends'.
  • Chris Earll: Chris Earll is a renowned painter and sculptor. His artwork has gained international recognition through his series of portraits of famous rock stars and dignitaries.
  • Jimmy Earll: Jimmy Earll is a famous Canadian ice hockey player who had an illustrious nineteen-year career, earning him three Stanley Cup championships and several NHL All Star honors.
  • Hilton Earll: Hilton Earll is a British film producer best known for producing iconic films such as King Kong, Star Wars, and The Godfather.
  • Barry Earll: Barry Earll is an American politician who served in the United States Senate as a representative from Ohio.
  • Annie Earll: Annie Earll is a Canadian figure skater who finished in the top 20 in the World Championships four times and earned medals bronze at the Canadian National Championships.
  • Matthew Earll: Matthew Earll is a popular American novelist and short story writer best known for his novels The Gates of Heaven and A Slow Burning Death.

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