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Surname Eastabrook - Meaning and Origin

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Eastabrook: What does the surname Eastabrook mean?

The last name Eastabrook has many origins and meanings and is of Anglo-Saxon origin. The word ‘east’ means ‘east’ and ‘brock’ is an old word for ‘brook’. Therefore, Eastabrook is derived from two words which gives the name the literal meaning of ‘east of a brook’.

Eastabrook is a geographical name, which suggests some of the oldest users of the name may have been those who lived east of a brook in those regions. The name is geographically linked to places such as Eastabrook in Oxfordshire, and Eastabrook in Cambridgeshire.

Eastabrook may also be a locational surname, established when someone adopted the name of a place to identify themselves. This kind of surname would typically be used by someone who had moved to a different place, or had travelled a great deal, and was identified by the place they came from. This process could even have been voluntary, as some people chose to do this to identify themselves.

As a name, Eastabrook is fairly uncommon and has been used since the Middle Ages. Today, it still carries the same connotations of being east of a brook, and could be adopted by someone who lived east of one, or by someone who wanted to take on the name of a place after relocating to it.

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Eastabrook: Where does the name Eastabrook come from?

The last name Eastabrook is typically associated with English origin and is most commonly seen in England and other parts of the United Kingdom such as Scotland, Ireland and Wales, as well as some parts of the United States.

The earliest known record of the surname was found in the 1100s in Derbyshire, England. It also appears in numerous records and documents throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, including several baptisms in Cheshire, England in 1697.

Today, the Eastabrook name is still quite popular in the UK, with many residents still carrying the surname. The UK census of 2011 found a total of 1,689 people with the Eastabrook surname, the majority of whom resided in England.

The name Eastabrook is found in significantly fewer numbers in the United States, but nonetheless still exists there, especially in the New England areas. The US census of 2010 found that there are a total of 213 people carrying the last name Eastabrook and, similar to England, most reside in the eastern states of the country.

Overall, the Eastabrook name is still prevalent today in English-speaking countries. While it is most commonly found in the UK and parts of the US, people with the last name Eastabrook can also be found living in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Eastabrook

Eastabrook is a surname with several spellings, variants, and surnames of similar origin. Some of the most common variants and similar surnames include Eastbrook, Eastabrooks, Eastbrooks, Estabrook, Estabrooks, Estabridge, Estabridges, as well as other spellings with and without an "s."

The Eastabrook surname can be traced back to England, where it was derived from a place-name. This place-name includes the Old English words easte, meaning "east," and broc, meaning "brook," and therefore, translates to "east brook."

The surname can also be found in Scotland as Eatabrook, Eatebrook, Teatbrooke, and other similar spellings with and without an "e." This surname is derived from the Gaelic word tuit, which means "river" or "creek," combined with the Old English word brycg, also meaning "brook."

It can also be found in variants such as Eastabrook, Eastbrooks, Eastabrooks, Eastham, Eathorne, Eather, Eatherington, Eatherly, Eatough, Easterbrook, Eastbury, Eastgate, and Eastwood. All of these surnames are similar in origin to Eastabrook, as they each incorporate a reference to the direction east and a word relating to water, such as brook, ham, thorne, wood, or gate.

Finally, Eastabrook has also been found throughout the United States, with variants such as Eastabrook, Eastbrooks, Estabrook, Estabrooks, Eastabrook, and Eastabrooks, as well as other spellings with and without an "s." These variants are most likely derived from ancestors who emigrated from England or Scotland.

Overall, Eastabrook is a surname that has many variants, spellings, and similar surnames of origin. In addition to the variant spellings mentioned above, there may be other variants and spellings as well.

Famous people with the name Eastabrook

  • Loretto Eastabrook: A former Chicago mayors Draper Eastabrook's wife and one-time Chicago's first lady.
  • Draper Eastabrook: Former mayor of Chicago in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • James Eastabrook: International polo player.
  • Phineas Eastabrook: Rabbi and Union army officer in the American Civil War.
  • Ariel Eastabrook: Oberlin College professor and author.
  • Becca Eastabrook: American singer and songwriter.
  • Carl Eastabrook: Michigan professional baseball player and manager.
  • Mitch Eastabrook: Professional Canadian football player.
  • Irene Eastabrook: United States Air Force general.
  • Jack Eastabrook: British cricketer.
  • Leonard Eastabrook: British sci-fi writer and philosopher.
  • John Eastabrook: British civil engineer.
  • Michael Eastabrook: American judge.
  • Annette Eastabrook: American Broadway actress.
  • Arthur Eastabrook: U.S. Navy rear admiral.

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